Cloud Girl – Microsoft Windows Azure Manga Promotion

Microsoft Japan is teasing its online comic series “Cloud Girl”, which promotes Windows Azure cloud service.

The first episode of this “Cloud Girl” with subtitle “Mado to Kumo to Aoi-sora”(windows, clouds and azure sky) is said to be released late this May 2011, on a prologue.

The heroine, Claudia Madobe (@Claudia_Azure “madobe” means window-side in Japanese) was born on November 20, 1985, the date when Windows 1.0 was released, having a Japanese father and French-American mother.

Claudia, who is visiting Japan and her cousin Nanami Madobe(@windows7_nanami), will solve several problems at a computer parts shop in Akihabara, where Nanami works for.
A sub-character Nanami Madobe has been serving as a Windows 7 promotion character since 2009, but she was not an “official” Microsoft character before.
Microsoft Taiwan’s Silverlight promotion with a girl character Hikaru Aizawa made Japanese jaw dropped last autumn, as it was so Japanese-ish than Japanese.
This time Microsoft Japan (recently renamed from Microsoft K.K.) presses the manga-girl promotion for Japanese enterprise decision makers in orthodox Japanese way.

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