Microsoft Japan Windows DSP Campaign Comes With Its Anime Poster Girl Nanami Madobe

Microsoft Japan’s Winter campaign of Windows Ultimate DSP version [J] comes with Deanne Cheuk design Touch Mouse and its official poster character Nanami Madobe.

Nanami Madobe (Madobe Nanami in Japanese name order) was originally an unofficial character appeared from an Akihabara shop, became an official later before Cloud girl and Hyper-V girl. Nanami is from Japanese seven(“nana”)=7, and Madobe means “windows-side” in Japanese.

The bundled Nanami Madobe items are;

  • original video on which Nanami explains Microsoft Touch Mouse
  • Nanami Madobe Windows 7 desktop theme
  • 3 Nanami Madobe desktop background images (below)
  • 24 Nanami Madobe original sounds

via Microsoft Japan

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