Twitter-like Mixi Echo keeps going

Despite of Twitter’s founder Evan Williams’ unplesant, Mixi’s microblogging feature “Mixi Echo” one month trial is announced to be extended for “uncertain period”. This feature was originally planned to be closed on September 1st 2008, however, because of “popular demand”, we decide to extend the period of service. The end date is undecided. Mixi’s main… Continue reading Twitter-like Mixi Echo keeps going

Evan Williams meets Japanese Twitter Users in Tokyo

Twitter Founder Evan Williams is visiting Tokyo. During his summer vacation a party was held among Japanese twitter fans and developers named “Eban Uiriamusu shi wo Kakomu Kai(A meeting to surround Mr. Evan Williams)”. He discussed with Japanse fans and developers for 90 minuites. Answering questions by questions. These are couple questions made from Japanase… Continue reading Evan Williams meets Japanese Twitter Users in Tokyo

Mixi testing their “Twitter”

Japan’s behemoth social network service Mixi has launched its microblogging service “Mixi Echo” for a limited time. The page introducing the new twitter-like one-line comment service is featured on the “information from Mixi” section. The guide page, says that this service is for limited time only until September 1st. If you turn on the Mixi… Continue reading Mixi testing their “Twitter”

twitter in Japanese is on with ads

We found it. Anyone can switch your twitter to Japanese menu (and advertising!) from [Settings]->[Account tab]->[Language drop down]-[Japanese]. Or if your browser’s language settings precedes Japanese, you will see Japanese interface on Here you are, At top of the sidebar, you can see an ad box, which is planned to be backported to English… Continue reading twitter in Japanese is on with ads

twitter Japan launched … where?

Nikkei Shimbun wrote that twitter, Inc. (San Francisco, California) starts its Japanese localized version on 23rd (already today in Japan, JST = Japan Standard Time). Digital Garage has been working on this localization. Japanese tweets (messages on twitter) are gaining about 20 % of all twitter users, and its interface are expected to be translated… Continue reading twitter Japan launched … where?

J-Pop news for the world: New service “Natalie”

Have you ever heard of Ayumi Hamazaki, Ai Otsuka, Gackt, Orange Range or SMAP? These people and bands are on the forefront of the Japanese music industry which is the second-biggest in the world, following the USA. The advent of Japanese popular culture in the Western hemisphere is not restricted to manga, anime, movies and… Continue reading J-Pop news for the world: New service “Natalie”

Twitter Japan dev team showed some plans

On the twitter Japanese localization news, newly-opened Twitter Japan development blog explains what items are on their task list on localization process. In their current plan, They are making Japanese version on top of current (running) system. Japanese users and world users belong to the same account space. They do NOT make another Japanese version… Continue reading Twitter Japan dev team showed some plans

twitter goes into Japan assisted by Digital Garage

Digital Garage Inc. announced its capital and business tie-up with Twitter inc.. Digital Garage makes some disclosed amount of investment not more than 100,000,000yen(about $915,000), and also helps Twitter’s localization development in Japan. Digital Garage and Twitter will launch Japanese microblogging service for both PC and cellularphone browsers by this spring 2008. # It is… Continue reading twitter goes into Japan assisted by Digital Garage

Twitter founder’s talk in Japan

According to Nikkei IT-Pro, Evan Williams, co-founder of twitter had a talk session with Tim O’Reilly at Web2.0 Expo 2007 in Tokyo and told localization plan. In the session, Williams disclosed that the 20% of twitter users are from Japan. He also said that localization to different languages is “the first priority task”, and that… Continue reading Twitter founder’s talk in Japan