twitter goes into Japan assisted by Digital Garage

Digital Garage Inc. announced its capital and business tie-up with Twitter inc..
twitter logo
Digital Garage makes some disclosed amount of investment not more than 100,000,000yen(about $915,000), and also helps Twitter’s localization development in Japan. Digital Garage and Twitter will launch Japanese microblogging service for both PC and cellularphone browsers by this spring 2008.
# It is not told whether it is Twitter with Japanese UI, or another new service based on twitter technology.
Twitter founder Evan Williams revealed that they have 20% Japanese users in November.
Although Twitter does not have Japanese interface, it is holding the biggest user share among microblogging in Japan, leaving other followers far behind, which including Mogomogo, Wassr, Timelog, Haru, feecle.
Like YouTube got succeeded without Japanese menu, Twitter is going well because microblogging service does not require much English skills to use, as far as users are limited within early adapters. But to encourage wider users to join, Japanese menu localization is must.
Digital Garage incubates internet technology companies including Technorati Japan with Technorati. The company co-founded by Joi Ito.
[update 2008-01-20] official Twitter Blog mentioned about this news over a week later, then TechCrunch followed.

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