Twitter Japan dev team showed some plans

On the twitter Japanese localization news, newly-opened Twitter Japan development blog explains what items are on their task list on localization process.
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In their current plan,

  • They are making Japanese version on top of current (running) system.
  • Japanese users and world users belong to the same account space.
  • They do NOT make another Japanese version of twitter only with newcoming Japanese users.
  • There are NO filtered public timeline only with Japanese messages/users. Japanese users will see English messages, vise versa.
  • Both Japanese and original users/messages/following/followers/favorites are shown in mixed
  • Menu/Help/etc. will be translated. Translated Japanese will be available triggered by menu, or by accessing different URL

Also, they mentioned cellular phone browser improvement plan in other entry.
As far as I read them, what they are planning is only adding text localization feature to the original twitter, which should not be a lot of work, since Twitter is made by Ruby on Rails and Rails has built-in localization support. It is possible that continuous performance tuning on Twitter may remove the localization related codes and recovering them more difficult though.

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