CyberAgent Teens Division Releases Girls Community “Make Me”

The teens division of CyberAgent [J] has released the cute self-photo and makeup research community for teen girls Make me [J].

The teens division is a post designated for developing smartphone services for high school girls, and up until this time has been offering the smartphone decorative homepage service “Candy,” the photo only profile service “Photofeel,” the messenger app “DECOLINK,” the love story specialized community “Palette,” and now the release of “Make me” makes this their fifth service installment.

“Make me” is a research community for makeup techniques and taking cuter self-photos, bringing attention to the over 80 percent of teen girls who take photos of their own faces.  Users choose their own preference from 14 makeup genres such as forest girl, princess gal, sexy, or punk, can then post self-photos, contribute cosmetic or makeup items, and also research makeup techniques and makeup items with user peers in the same genre.  Furthermore, there’s a beauty function which easily allows processing the skin color on the face photo to a more light complexion, various filters and over 100 stamps, combining with picture frames and so on to make it possible to produce a more cutesy self-photo.  Public and private settings can be selected, and it also allows posting simultaneously on Ameba, mixi, or Twitter.

Make me [J]

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NHK News Explains What Japanese Web Jargon “JS” Means

Japan’s public TV channel NHK explained at its morning news what “JS” on the online forum means.

NHK introduced this “JS” [J] as a new trend word listed by International Tokyo Toy Show 2012, which means “today’s elementary school girls who are fashion-conscious”, where “JS” comes from “Joshi Shogakusei”(elementary school girls).

Actually the word “JS” as elementary school girls has been used on the Japanese web for years, mainly anonymous online forum represented by 2-channel, and adults who used social network communities as a place to meet under age girls.

In the same way, JC is a junior high-school girl (Joshi Chugakusei), JK = a high-school girl (Joshi Koukousei) and JD = a college girl (Joshi Daigakusei).

web jargon full Japanese meanings
JS Joshi Shogakusei elementary school girl
JC Joshi Chugakusei junior-high school girl
JK Joshi Koukousei(abbrev. Joshi-kousei) high school girl
JD Joshi Daigakusei(abbrev. Joshi-daisei) college girl

Caution is that JK has another meaning on the Japanese web, Joushikitekini Kangaete (=from a common sense standpoint. also spoken “Jou-Kou” by taking first Chinese letters) and this usage is as much popular as high-school girl so you need to read the context. (Wikipedia Japanese [J])

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Nyotaigoyomi: Page-a-day Calendar Girls App

Nyotai-Goyomi (=girl’s body calendar. The word nyotai is the same one in notorious nyotai mori) is a set of girls’ photos who has date drawn somewhere on her skin.

The date drawn on girls seem to be in various formats including Japanese digits. If you don’t understand Japanese date notations, these apps may be not so useful. Well, your smartphone can easily show current date for free so people who purchase this may not care the information itself.

Bijin Dokei(Tokei) achieved huge success in Japan with “Time” and girls so this one may be welcomed, too.

Every month, new Nyotai Goyomi application are published on iPhone and Android under different themes.

Photos of some date are on the developer’s blog [J].

via GirlsNews [J]

Microsoft Japan Introduces Another Anime Girl For Small And Medium Business

Following to the cloud girl Claudia, Microsoft’s Japan local branch tries to appeal their target by using a new character.

The Microsoft Virtualization campaign page suggests three Hyper-V solutions to Small and Med sized enterprise. The character name and other information are not disclosed but some anime fans already pointed out that it must be by an animator Ken’ichi Yoshida.

You may download her wallpaper image, if you give Microsoft your company info and how much you are interested in virtualization [J].

Microsoft Taiwan also updated its Silverlight promotion site for summer on July 20, with a free game to get their character’s wallpapers. (via ITMedia [J])