Docomo’s LTE Passes 10 Million Subscribers

NTT Docomo announced [J] today February 19, 2013 that their LTE service Xi got 10 million users yesterday, February 18, 2013.

Here is a chart from their release. Docomo’s Xi began December 24, 2010.


[Update] other English news

Japan’s DoCoMo hits 10 million LTE subscribers, doubling its numbers in 6 months – The Next Web

Despite slower speeds, NTT Docomo quick to surpass 10 million LTE subscribers

The World’s First Radiation Counter Cellphone Announced In Japan

Softbank announced today(May 29) that they would ship Pantone 5(107SH) the world’s first smartphone with radiation measure feature in July.

By this Sharp’s made Android 4.0 smartphone, you may measure gamma rays in the 0.05μSv/h to 9.99μSv/h range just by pressing the dedicated button for long. You may let it measure periodically and plot the history on map.

After the Eastern Japan Disasters on March 11, 2011, leaked radioactive from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants has been worried a lot, and home-use radiation counters are subject to increase demand.

As always as a Japanese phone, it has one-seg TV, wireless-touch e-wallet(Osaifu ketai), bluetooth and infra-red communication, emergency alert and waterproof (PX5/IPX7) feature.

The cellphone also comes with 8 colour variations.

[Update] It’s not “geiger counter” as some major English tech blogs describes, it is said to use a silicon sensor.

Home radiation counters have been causing lots of false rumors by inaccurate usage and wrong interpretations of measured numbers among risk-averse Japanese, who do not believe any measurement provided by government organizations.

There is a background that Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is showing strong interest in entering alternative energy business. He insists government should subsidize solar power generation business a lot more, which is being discussed now and the suggested aided-price is criticized too high by some people. Softbank said to Nikkei that this function is implemented by Son’s own decision as he received a lot of requests to his Twitter account.

Japanese Carriers Begs Not To Use Cellphone For 2 Hours Around New Year’s Eve Midnight

Telecommunications Carriers Association with all 5 Japanese cellphone carriers NTT Docomo, KDDI au, Softbank Mobile, Wilcom and e-Access(who runs e-Mobile) issued release on December 21 [J], ask their users not to call or e-mail around and after the midnight of 2012’s new year’s eve.

“Rabbit’s last, and dragon’s first request” line is from Chinese Zodiac, as 2011 was a year of rabbit and 2012 is dragon.

How active Japaneses’ greeting after the New Year’s eve may be already known by the incident they recorded the Twitter’s world record last year.

Docomo’s SP mail glitch in December was reportedly caused by too much traffic on regular media, though some online tech media point out that it is the fault of the system design (Docomo uses IP address to identify mail users). For carriers, asking their customers not using cellphone might be the cheapest preparation.

via Hatena Bookmark News [J]

Mobage And GuruNavi Make Wireless-Touch On Restaurants Into Social Game Items

DeNA and GuruNavi have begun their collaboration plan “GuruNavi NEW Touch Local Recipe ♪,” which links the social game “Bistro World” for Social networking service Mobage [J] with the gourmet information site “GuruNavi.” [J]

“Bistro World” is a restaurant management social game where users learn menus from countries around the world and serve meals to other users, and while testing their skills in cooking competitions, strive to be the cooking king.

“GuruNavi NEW Touch Local Recipe ♪” uses coupons for cell phone and smart phone, and with the planned use of “GuruNavi NEW Touch” stickers which enable acquisition of store points, users can get “Local Menus” which can be used within “Bistro World” when they touch “GuruNavi NEW Touch” at a restaurant.

There are 10 types of “Local Menu,” and once they’ve all been collected, users can receive a special menu. Members of “Mobage” as well as “GuruNavi” are applicable for participation. The term period is from August 31st (Weds.) at 3:00 P.M. until September 28th (Weds.) at 2:59 P.M.

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