Mobage And GuruNavi Make Wireless-Touch On Restaurants Into Social Game Items

DeNA and GuruNavi have begun their collaboration plan “GuruNavi NEW Touch Local Recipe ♪,” which links the social game “Bistro World” for Social networking service Mobage [J] with the gourmet information site “GuruNavi.” [J]
“Bistro World” is a restaurant management social game where users learn menus from countries around the world and serve meals to other users, and while testing their skills in cooking competitions, strive to be the cooking king.
“GuruNavi NEW Touch Local Recipe ♪” uses coupons for cell phone and smart phone, and with the planned use of “GuruNavi NEW Touch” stickers which enable acquisition of store points, users can get “Local Menus” which can be used within “Bistro World” when they touch “GuruNavi NEW Touch” at a restaurant.
There are 10 types of “Local Menu,” and once they’ve all been collected, users can receive a special menu. Members of “Mobage” as well as “GuruNavi” are applicable for participation. The term period is from August 31st (Weds.) at 3:00 P.M. until September 28th (Weds.) at 2:59 P.M.
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