KDDI Promotes Brand New Products And Collects User-Generated Parody Songs

Japan’s second largest mobile operator KDDI’s au introduced several new lineups for their design-oriented feature phone series last month, and they have been running a promotion campaign collecting user-generated parody songs via Twitter.

When you post a set of lyrics consisting of five-seven-five syllables (which has a similar rhythm to Haiku or Senryu) via Twitter with hashtag #iidacalling[J], using a vocaloid synthesizing technology, it will be remixed with a melody of a new song by the faces of the campaign and popular female technopop trio Perfume[J].   Your song will be published on the campaign website[J].

Try it and enjoy listening.   You’re required to enter lyrics in Hiragana or Katakana.

KDDI To Increase Tribrid Powered Cellphone Base Stations To Reduce CO2 Emissions


Japan’s no.2 cellphone carrier KDDI au announced to start the deployment of a new power control system to their cellphone base stations as to switch the power sources to three ways of solar power, battery and midnight power service.

Solar-powered stations used to be deployed only in the areas which have no access to commercial power supply, and batteries installed at the stations are prepared only for backup for power outage.

The company expects to cut CO2 emissions by 20% to 30% with this system in running a base station.   Some manufacturers have also introduced solar chargeable cellphone handsets.   This eco-friendly concept of tribrid powered stations and solar-powered handsets can contribute to avoiding global warming as well as providing us disaster-proof communication systems.

Tribrid Powered Cellphone Base Station

via: Maikomi Journal[J]

KDDI Running Out of Motorola’s au BOX

kddi_logo_au motorola-logo

KDDI au, Japan’s 2nd largest cellphone carrier, announced that from October 31’st  it will stop accepting new contracts for the au BOX. The official reason given iswe will soon sell the allotted number of units for our au BOX service”. While new contracts are denied, existing customers will be able to continue using the service.

The au BOX was launched in November, 2008 as a set top box rental service. For 315 Yen per month (~3.5$), customers could play music and DVDs as well as rip CDs, purchase music from KDDI’s Lismo service to be later transferred to KDDI’s au mobile phones. The launch was very successful with over 100,00 contracts within the first two months. The latest report stated that by June, 09 KDDI had 290,000 au BOX contracts, which probably means that KDDI had about 300,000 au BOX ordered from Motorola.

What puzzles me in this story is that KDDI do not publish their plans for a new model of the au BOX, which opens the door for speculations on either the financial success of the au BOX or Motorola-KDDI communication blunder.

via impress BB watch

Japanese Cellphone Manual Goes In Manga Comic

photo by Doc Sleeve
photo by Doc Sleeve

Different from other countries where cartoon are mostly for kids, in Japan, manga (Japanese style comic) nation, many grown-up keep reading manga through their lives and eventually almost all kind of things, which are covered in type texts books in other culture, are provided in manga. (for example, last Manga I read was a biograph of 18th century Russian Empress Ekaterina II Alekseevna, based on French author Henri Troyat‘s novel)

Keitai Komikku, digital manga/comic scanned from original paper manga, cut and sometimes even with sound effect added, is also a rapid growing sector of cellphone contents in Japan. E-book is more popular in manga style and earning extra money from mobile users.

KDDI au, Japan’s 2nd largest cellphone carrier, started to provide pre-set online manga manual on their new cellphone, model-Iida PLY. This manga manual (example below) will be shipped with succeeding cellphones by KDDI au.


The manga manual explains how to save battery, how to use water-proof cellphone, etc.

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Another Sekai Camera? KDDI’s Lab Unveils AR Cellphone App

Japan’s second largest telecommunication company, KDDI introduced today an “augmented reality” cellphone app[J] allowing transillumination of the objects you shoot with a camera embedded on the phone. This new app is now available at the experimental lab menu[J] of the company’s website.

Au's Augmented Reality App Demo

With a GPS feature and a built-in 6-axis force sensor, the app will detect where your phone is located and which direction it faces toward. Then the app shows you a picture associated with location and direction parameters obtained, which was previously shot by another person. A sequence of these processes makes you feel as though see the object through a wall in front of you.

In order to introduce interesting user experiences using this technology, the company intends to launch a photo sharing service called “Earth Album”, and participating users will be allowed to share pictures to be used for the app’s transiluminated images of the objects as though they were.