Japanese Cellphone Manual Goes In Manga Comic

photo by Doc Sleeve
photo by Doc Sleeve

Different from other countries where cartoon are mostly for kids, in Japan, manga (Japanese style comic) nation, many grown-up keep reading manga through their lives and eventually almost all kind of things, which are covered in type texts books in other culture, are provided in manga. (for example, last Manga I read was a biograph of 18th century Russian Empress Ekaterina II Alekseevna, based on French author Henri Troyat‘s novel)
Keitai Komikku, digital manga/comic scanned from original paper manga, cut and sometimes even with sound effect added, is also a rapid growing sector of cellphone contents in Japan. E-book is more popular in manga style and earning extra money from mobile users.
KDDI au, Japan’s 2nd largest cellphone carrier, started to provide pre-set online manga manual on their new cellphone, model-Iida PLY. This manga manual (example below) will be shipped with succeeding cellphones by KDDI au.
The manga manual explains how to save battery, how to use water-proof cellphone, etc.

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