IBM Makes Anime “Steins;Gate” New Short Episodes on “Cognitive Computing”

The new short episodes of Sci-Fi anime series Steins;Gate is released on IBM Japan’s “Cognitive Computing” promotion site Mugendai Web (infinite web).

The series name is “聡明叡智のコグニティブ・コンピューティング”(cognitive computing of sagacious wisdom).

Episode I Cooking is watchable.

There are three more episodes grayed-out on the site.

The original game Steins;Gate featured an “ancient” portable computer IBN5100, which apparently modeled IBM5100, this special site explains.

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IBM Makes Anime “Steins;Gate” New Short Episodes on “Cognitive Computing”

Anti-Cyber Attack Alert System “DAEDALUS” Looks Very “Ghost In The Shell”-ish

Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) announced “DAEDALUS” (Direct Alert Environment for Darknet And Livenet Unified Security) system on June 6.

The system has nationwide distributed surveillance network to watch so-called darknet, a part of the Internet which IP address are not supposed to be used. There are non-ignorable amount of digital packets sent to and originated from the darknet ranges, and many of them seem to be related with invalid activities, such like computer virus transmission.

The red kanji character is “Kei”, means alert, patrol, etc.

The screenshots of the DAEDALUS monitoring system remind a lot of Japanese a system appeared in the popular cyber animation series “Ghost in the Shell”. Many people say that the creator of this system got influenced by the animation film.

You may watch the working demo of DAEDALUS from June 13 to 15 at Interop Tokyo 2012, Makuhari Messe, Chiba.

[Update 2012-06-21]

Videos from Interop Tokyo 2012 are arriving on YouTube.

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Buying A 173,250 Yen Doll From Microsoft Comes With Dev Tools, Or Opposite?

Microsoft Japan has been featuring Cloud-girl Claudia to grab the heart of anime-loving geeks.

Their latest campaign offers the limited Claudia doll for everyone who purchases Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN, which price is 173,250 yen (US$2200).

The doll is planned to be 15-20 centimeters(6-8 inches) heights, with serial number.

The campaign will end on June 29th. It is only valid for purchase inside Japan.

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TV Anime Version Of “Sengoku Collection” To Air

KONAMI is making a TV Anime of “Sengoku Collection,” their currently offered social game for Mobage, which will air late night every week at 1:45 on Tokyo Terebi from April 5th.

“Sengoku Collection” is a popular social game currently with over 2.5 million users.  Users strive to be the commander of the world while training and collecting “Commander Cards” through adventures and warfare in the warring states period of feudal Japan.

In the anime version of “Sengoku Collection,” Koakuma Ou and Oda Nobunaga appear centrally while every time a popular character appears as a main character.  The performing cast features the heroines Okubo Rumi playing the role of Nobunaga (Oda), Hanazawa Kana as Ieyasu (Tokugawa), Nakahara Mai as Kanetsugu (Naoe), and Noto MakikoMamiko as Kenshin (Uesugi).

(C)Konami Digital Entertainment, NAS / ”Sengoku Collection” Production Committee

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My Sweet Umadonna – Game To Date With Girls As A Racing Horse

Last month, we introduced a Japanese dating game on which you go out with several handsome pigeons. It was weird to play love-life with pigeons, but probably this one comes with more familiar theme, love with horse. The game is offered by Japan Racing Association (JRA, or “Nippon Chuo Keiba Kai”), a public company operates Japan’s central horse racing.

My Sweet Umadonna (Uma = horse + Madonna) [J, start with animation with music] has been released today for PC browser and Japanese feature phones [J].

You are an unconfident and gutless 3 years old male horse. Your race debut is late because of delayed development, but this stable block accepted you with expecting your latent potential.

(from “Story” page)

You will meet three “Umadonna”, a stabler girl Asuka Matsuda, a handler Kotobuki Yumeji and an equestrian Chris Fujisawa.

You, the horse, naturally make conversation with girls in the game…

The teaser was given on December 9 from JRA release [J], the game has just been released today around noon.