Yupiteru’s Speed Camera Detector Lei01 Is A Virtual Girl Talks You When Driving

In Japan, carrying speed-radar detectors on your car is not illegal. People try to avoid speeding tickets by knowing where radar gun is pointing you beforehand. And when some machine is a commodity, there is always a room to ship a product with moe-flavor for people who love it.
Yupiteru’s radar detector Lei01 [J, beware, the page talks in female voice] is the one which guide you where radar guns are with a virtual anime girl Lei Kirishima [J] with 1,600 recorded voice messages (of course by a professional anime voice actress) and more than 3,600 frames of pictures.

Those animations and voices include seasonal events. Extra data updates such like “winter cloths” is being offered.

If your driving is rough, she will have bad moods and change her attitude and how she talks to you.

This is a fan-taking video when a car with Lei01 passes a speed radar. The right one is an ordinary radar.

Another video, animation when Lei01 is positioning the car on the map by GPS,

The Lei01 is only made and sold 2,000 units on the website. The price is 46,800 yen(US$599). For a case you drive with someone whom you do not want to show your anime assistant, one-button-click will change it as a regular looking radar detector.

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Lei Kirishima’s Facebook page [J] – you may be able to communicate with other Lei01 owners.

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