TV Anime Version Of “Sengoku Collection” To Air

KONAMI is making a TV Anime of “Sengoku Collection,” their currently offered social game for Mobage, which will air late night every week at 1:45 on Tokyo Terebi from April 5th.

“Sengoku Collection” is a popular social game currently with over 2.5 million users.  Users strive to be the commander of the world while training and collecting “Commander Cards” through adventures and warfare in the warring states period of feudal Japan.

In the anime version of “Sengoku Collection,” Koakuma Ou and Oda Nobunaga appear centrally while every time a popular character appears as a main character.  The performing cast features the heroines Okubo Rumi playing the role of Nobunaga (Oda), Hanazawa Kana as Ieyasu (Tokugawa), Nakahara Mai as Kanetsugu (Naoe), and Noto MakikoMamiko as Kenshin (Uesugi).

(C)Konami Digital Entertainment, NAS / ”Sengoku Collection” Production Committee

Translation authorized by VSmedia


  1. one small typo: the seiyuu of kenshin is Noto Mamiko, not Noto Makiko. 😀

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