Relaxed Tweet-Like “Say Whatever You Wanna Say” Community “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” Tops 500 Thousand Users

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced that the number of users of “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” (Listen Up! Mirucho), a new sensation community service for Ameba for Smartphone [J] which connects people through monologues, has topped over 500 thousand.

“Kiite Yo! Mirucho” is a community where you lightheartedly tweet whatever you want “monologues” through a Mirucho mascot character.  You can enjoy the character’s development as Miruchi grows and and evolves, passing through over 50 stages, by tweeting your thoughts and hearing other users’ monologues.  The number of users has grown to over 500 thousand in the half year since its service release in August of 2012, over 100 thousand tweets are made per day, an average of over 20 users react to each post with a “Kiita Yo” (I heard you).  As for the “social fatigue” of loosely connecting on an axis of monologues, it supports carefree communication, and as a unique community service its user base is expanding.

Also, from March 8th, they have begun to offer “Wari To Doh Demo Ii News” (relatively inconsequential news) as a new function.

Kiite Yo! Mirucho [J]

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CyberAgent Sets Up New Smartphone Service Division For Teen Girls

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced the establishment of a teens subdivision in December as a new department, in order to strengthen smartphone service for junior high and high school girls at Ameba [J], their online community service.

Currently CyberAgent manages the smartphone service Candy [J] which is used by about 300,000 members with its focus on teenage girls.  They established the teens department, which specializes in developing smartphone service for junior high and high school girls, with the intent of further strengthening developing a service which complies with the interests and method of use particular to these girls.  From now, this department will continue to attract customers and develop the service, making use of “Candy”’s knowhow, and in addition, they will release 4 new services such as a messaging service “DECOLONK,” which allows the use of over 10,000 stamps, and a new profile service “Photofeel.”  Also, in order to take in the needs of teenage girls, they will be doing regular group interviews, marketing surveys, and events for teen girls.  The teens department service at a glance is as follows.

April 2012 start            Teen girl smartphone cute home page service “Candy”
December 2012 service release    New profile service “Photofeel”
Service planned for January 2013     10,000 stamps free messaging service “DECOLINK”
Service planned for February 2013    Friend’s face photos and photo stickers SNS (untitled)
Service planned for March 2013    Girls’ real love story service “Palette”

Candy cute homepage by Ameba [J]

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Series 8 Of “1 Million Yen Prize Game” Also On iOS

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has begun to offer the 8th in the series of the smartphone application on Ameba “Hyaku Man En Kenshou Game,” [J] (1 Million Yen Prize Game) for iOS as well.

The “1 Million Yen Prize Game” series lets you participate in prize giveaways held at fixed intervals in each of the standard game apps you play on smartphone, such as solitaire, sudoku, or block smasher.  Every month over 200 users will get a total of 1 million yen cash, and even without an Ameba account, it can be used with other service IDs such as Facebook or Twitter.

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Modern Red-Light, Historic Edo, Romance Simulations Released For Smartphone

CA Mobile has released smartphone versions of the hostess girl simulation game “Mori Girl” and the late Edo era romance simulation game “Tsuya Girl” for Ameba.

“Mori Girl” is a red light district style game where the user becomes a hostess girl and can enjoy after parties and dates along with serving handsome regular customers.  By purchasing virtual items for things like hairstyle, makeup, and clothing, you can customize your own avatar.  Accessories, hairstyle, and costumes in collaboration with the K-Pop girls group AFTERSCHOOL are in development.  (Sales period until May 18th)

In “Tsuya Girl,” the user time slips into the late Edo period of Japan and can engage in romance with representative figures from that age.  Set in late Edo Kyoto, the player can experience romance that crosses over the barriers of time with such historical gentlemen as Sakamoto Ryouma, Takasugi Shinsaku, and Okita Souji.

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Ameba, Yahoo! JAPAN To Initiate Joint Advertising Product

CyberAgent’s [J] community service “Ameba” has announced that they along with Yahoo’s [J] “Yahoo! JAPAN” will sell the joint product “Broad Canvas [Yahoo! JAPAN×Ameba]” which combines both company’s advertisements for smartphone.

“Broad Canvas [Yahoo! JAPAN×Ameba]” is an advertisement product combining Ameba’s “Ameba for SmartPhone Touch Canvas” and Yahoo JAPAN’s “Smartphone Yahoo! JAPAN Smart Panel Expand.”  Advertising sponsors can post advertisements for both “Ameba” SmartPhone and “Yahoo! JAPAN” SmartPhone services by placing one order.  Also, after tapping a banner, rich and creative transmission with expanded view and animation is possible.  Both companies are aiming for 20 company publications a month, and they will implement joint development of new products into the future.

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