CyberAgent’s “Ameba” Tops 20 Million Users

CyberAgent [J] announced on December 30th of 2011 that the number of users of their “Ameba” [J] community has topped 20 million.  To commemorate this momentous development of the “Ameba” service, they held the 20 Million Member Breakthrough! Thank You Campaign [J] between January 10th and 23rd.
Since the Ameba service opened in September of 2004, focused on blogs, they have expanded their various service develepment and features such as the virtual space “Ameba Pigg” and the miniblog “Ameba Nau,” and they have been steadily expanding their base of users.  Particularly their “Ameba Pigg” service, which opened in February of 2009, reached 10 million users in November of 2011.  Also in 2011 use from smartphones increased, and in one year, monthly page views grew by more than 10 times, continuing their rapid growth.
As for the “20 Million Member Breakthrough! Thank You Campaign,” plans in the works for various services offered by “Ameba” are being developed for PC, mobile and smartphone.  For “Ameba Pigg,” limited items are on sale for 20 Ame-Gold, and for 4 popular “Ameba Mobile” titles, each are giving away limited campaign items.  Also, during the campaign, 20 Million of the virtual currency “Ame-Gold” is being uniformly returned and distributed to all users who have purchased “Ame-Gold,” and various other plans are in effect.

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