What If Your Girlfriend Were a Foreigner? CyberAgent’s English-Study App

CyberAgent, [J] which manages “Ameba,” has begun to offer the second installation of their English conversation study application series for iPhone, “Moshi Kareshi Ga Gaikokujin Dattara Eikaiwa” (If Your Boyfriend was a Foreigner English Conversation), “Moshi Kanojo Ga Gaikokujin Dattara Eikaiwa” [J] (If your girlfriend was a foreigner English Conversation).
Although the price is set for 250 yen for download, until August 10th it will be on sale for the discount price of 170 yen.
“Moshi Kanojo Ga Gaikokujin Dattara Eikaiwa” (girlfriend) is an application which allows one to strengthen English ability while enjoying a romance drama type of story, based on the question, “what would I do if my lover were a foreigner?”  Players select one of three foreigner characters, then follow along the progress of each one’s story.  Players talk on the phone with their selected partner once a day, can drill their listening skills by following the conversation, and can learn 300 English idioms by practicing and repeating phrases from the conversation in three types of different quizzes.
Download “If my Girlfriend was a Foreigner” here:

Android version release is planned in September.
Translation licensed by VSMedia [J]

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