Modern Red-Light, Historic Edo, Romance Simulations Released For Smartphone

CA Mobile has released smartphone versions of the hostess girl simulation game “Mori Girl” and the late Edo era romance simulation game “Tsuya Girl” for Ameba.
“Mori Girl” is a red light district style game where the user becomes a hostess girl and can enjoy after parties and dates along with serving handsome regular customers.  By purchasing virtual items for things like hairstyle, makeup, and clothing, you can customize your own avatar.  Accessories, hairstyle, and costumes in collaboration with the K-Pop girls group AFTERSCHOOL are in development.  (Sales period until May 18th)
In “Tsuya Girl,” the user time slips into the late Edo period of Japan and can engage in romance with representative figures from that age.  Set in late Edo Kyoto, the player can experience romance that crosses over the barriers of time with such historical gentlemen as Sakamoto Ryouma, Takasugi Shinsaku, and Okita Souji.
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