Ameba, Yahoo! JAPAN To Initiate Joint Advertising Product

CyberAgent’s [J] community service “Ameba” has announced that they along with Yahoo’s [J] “Yahoo! JAPAN” will sell the joint product “Broad Canvas [Yahoo! JAPAN×Ameba]” which combines both company’s advertisements for smartphone.
“Broad Canvas [Yahoo! JAPAN×Ameba]” is an advertisement product combining Ameba’s “Ameba for SmartPhone Touch Canvas” and Yahoo JAPAN’s “Smartphone Yahoo! JAPAN Smart Panel Expand.”  Advertising sponsors can post advertisements for both “Ameba” SmartPhone and “Yahoo! JAPAN” SmartPhone services by placing one order.  Also, after tapping a banner, rich and creative transmission with expanded view and animation is possible.  Both companies are aiming for 20 company publications a month, and they will implement joint development of new products into the future.
Translation Authorized by VSmedia

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