Relaxed Tweet-Like “Say Whatever You Wanna Say” Community “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” Tops 500 Thousand Users

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced that the number of users of “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” (Listen Up! Mirucho), a new sensation community service for Ameba for Smartphone [J] which connects people through monologues, has topped over 500 thousand.

“Kiite Yo! Mirucho” is a community where you lightheartedly tweet whatever you want “monologues” through a Mirucho mascot character.  You can enjoy the character’s development as Miruchi grows and and evolves, passing through over 50 stages, by tweeting your thoughts and hearing other users’ monologues.  The number of users has grown to over 500 thousand in the half year since its service release in August of 2012, over 100 thousand tweets are made per day, an average of over 20 users react to each post with a “Kiita Yo” (I heard you).  As for the “social fatigue” of loosely connecting on an axis of monologues, it supports carefree communication, and as a unique community service its user base is expanding.
Also, from March 8th, they have begun to offer “Wari To Doh Demo Ii News” (relatively inconsequential news) as a new function.

Kiite Yo! Mirucho [J]
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