Ameba Gets Security Attack – 50,000 Users Unregistered From The Service

ameba logo
Cyber Agent’s Ameba, one of Japan’s largest blogging service with thousands of celebrity blogs and virtual community around Ameba Pigg, announced on its staff blog [J] that Ameba services got illegal access, and some of its users are seeing trouble that they can not log in and look withdrawn the service since December 24 night.
The blog said that there are no data loss both on blogs and Pigg. They have been working to recover the troubled IDs. They also reported that there were no invalid usage of its virtual currency Ame-gold or leak of members privacy information.
Ameba is to run an emergency maintenance by stopping the whole service for 6 hours, from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. December 26.
Asahi reported [J] that the number of members affected by this attack was 50,000. The total number of registered Ameba ID is said around 20 million. CyberAgent consulted the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

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