Relaxed Tweet-Like “Say Whatever You Wanna Say” Community “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” Tops 500 Thousand Users

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced that the number of users of “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” (Listen Up! Mirucho), a new sensation community service for Ameba for Smartphone [J] which connects people through monologues, has topped over 500 thousand.

“Kiite Yo! Mirucho” is a community where you lightheartedly tweet whatever you want “monologues” through a Mirucho mascot character.  You can enjoy the character’s development as Miruchi grows and and evolves, passing through over 50 stages, by tweeting your thoughts and hearing other users’ monologues.  The number of users has grown to over 500 thousand in the half year since its service release in August of 2012, over 100 thousand tweets are made per day, an average of over 20 users react to each post with a “Kiita Yo” (I heard you).  As for the “social fatigue” of loosely connecting on an axis of monologues, it supports carefree communication, and as a unique community service its user base is expanding.

Also, from March 8th, they have begun to offer “Wari To Doh Demo Ii News” (relatively inconsequential news) as a new function.

Kiite Yo! Mirucho [J]

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“freeml Talk” Brings Messaging To Classic Mailing List Service “freeml”

GMO Media, Inc. [J] has released the smartphone messaging application “freeml talk” [J], which allows exchanges between members of their service “freeml” [J] on which you can create a mailing list.  Download is free.

“freeml talk” is a free messaging application in connection with the long standing “freeml” which has a history of over 10 years since its launch.  It lets you enjoy chat and transmission messages with friends and family in your mailing list, and you can automatically create groups from participating mailing lists, invite and add new members, and make groups unique to “freeml talk.”  Also it’s now possible to use stamps, smileys, emoticons, and photos for making communication.

freeml TALK [J]

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Otaku Social Matching Service “Otakuma” Reincarnated As “Ultema”

C. S. T. Entertainment [J] has announced that they will be closing their specialized Otaku (nerd) social matching service Otakuma [J] as of May 26th.

“Otakuma” is C.S.T. Entertainment’s first shot at developing a social matching service which began in 2009.  At first it bathed in the limelight as a matching service specialized for otaku and got quite a buzz in the media, but as the years passed, the SNS stream changed to a timeline system as many requests for such a structure and way of thinking began pouring in.  After that they began to initiate their branding as a reinvented system with multiple hobbies and preferences, and they developed ULTEMA, [J] a new social matching service targeted towards all hobbies and interests.  From now on, Otakuma’s service will be integrated with ULTEMA.

ULTEMA registers up to 72 “All Hobbies / Preferences,” and is a matching service that automatically calculates compatibility with other users.  The matching ratio can calulate up to an order of up 10 decimal points.  The official service is planned to begin from May 27th.

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As The First In Its Kind, Digital-Focused Event To Be Held This Weekend In Fukuoka

As the first in its kind (for me at least), there will be a big three-day event in Fukuoka this weekend, which is called Myojo Waraku or just “MJ” in short, where a bunch of celebrities, geeks and techpreneurs from music, online video filming and start-up communities in the city come together.

For those who don’t know much about the city, it’s located in the south-western island of Japan and much closer to Shanghai and Seoul than Tokyo or the country’s capital. That’s why it’s often considered as a gateway to Asian countries for Japanese, not only for its geographical reason, but also for a high reflection from Asian flavor in the city’s local foods.

The city is a little bit away from Tokyo, however, it has a good enough population of techpreneurs and engineers because not a few large IT businesses have set up their headquarters there. So is it for the volume of its local tech start-up community, too.

The event is highly inspired by SXSW (South-by-South-West), a one-week-long festival that happens in March every year in Austin, TX and focuses on making great exposure opportunities for filmmakers, music artists and web media creators. MJ is led by Masanori Hashimoto, the co-founder of Fukuoka-based tech company NuLab, also known as the developer of collaboration-based drawing tool Cacoo, and Taizo Son[J], a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a younger brother of Softbank Mobile’s CEO, and aims at encouraging local start-ups to go more international and make their services spread out all across Asia.

Visit these webpages for a brief introduction about the event in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Also for more updates, visit the event’s main website at[J]. (sorry, the latter one is mainly written in Japanese).

Register For The Next Startup Weekend In Japan: November 18, Kyoto Research Park

Startup Weekend is in the process of establishing itself as a “brand” and regular event in Japan’s web and startup world, and following Tokyo in August, it’s now time hold a Startup Weekend in Kyoto.

The so-called Startup Weekend X Kyoto Research Park event (Facebook page) will take place:
November 18 (Friday), from 6.30pm – November 20 at 10pm
Kyoto Research Park

As with all Startup Weekends around the world, the goal is to “build communities, companies and projects” over the course of a weekend.

The winning team of Startup Weekend Kyoto will fly to Singapore and join DEMO Asia 2012 to represent Kyoto (along with the winning team of Startup Weekend Tokyo).

You can register for the event in Kyoto on this site.