Who’s Free And Tonchidot To Hold Fundraising Party At SXSW To Help Relief Efforts

A cross-post to Asiajin and Startup Dating.
SXSW is currently taking place in Austin, Texas.   Asiajin contributors Serkan Toto and Paul Papadimitriou are there for moderating panels on Japanese web services and social media.  A team of the moderators, the presenters and the panels are now joining forces to help the disaster relief efforts in Japan.
We just got a press release from Who’s Free (an LBS for smartphone to find your friends nearby) and Tonchidot (known for its augmented reality app called Sekai Camera), and it says, the two companies expect to have an event titled SXSW Save Japan Fundraising Night on 14th local time, which is the morning of 15th Japan Time.   It will be officially announced at Japanese Mobile Leaders Forum, a sectional meeting of this year’s SXSW.

The two companies has already held parties to save the efforts, and nearly 20,000 US dollars have been fundraised on their donation website. (as of 4pm, March 14th, Japan Time)
As well as Tonchidot, attending Japanese key social media players such as GREE, Geisha Tokyo Entertainment and Mixi will join the event and appeal for awareness and international assistance.
It is coincident that the massive earthquake has attacked just during this year’s edition of SXSW.   Serkan and Tonchidot teams were forced not to leave Narita Airport but to stay for a while, but they fortunately arrived in Austin.
It is very important to tell what’s going on in our country to those who will visit the event and to appreciate their consideration.  Furthermore, we would like the Japanese teams to tell the world that we will never give up however much difficult the situation is.
@fumi is attending the event individually, we found she had summarized tweets related to the campaign on Chirpstory.

The press release is as follows:
JD,CEO: (415) 425-8621
Fundraiser to help save Japanese earthquake victims at SXSW
** Official Announcement at Japan Mobile Leaders Forum Monday 14th, 11am, Hilton **
MARCH 13, 2011 – Austin, TX – Who’s Free, the new social location app that “lets you see your friends who are nearby & FREE to hangout” along with Japanese mobile leader Tonchidot, creators of Domo, & a selection of Japanese Social Media leaders will be officially announcing a SXSW Save Japan Fundrasing night on Monday 14th with Who’s Free founder, JD, Japanese TV celebrity & veteran of Japan.
At the SXSW Japanese Mobile Leaders forum set for 11am, Monday 14th at the Hilton, Japanese mobile thought leaders including: Gree, Mixii & Tonchidot, will announce the location & time of the SXSW Save Japan Fundraising night on Monday. Who’s Free founder, JD, will be in attendance to possibly help with the announcement of the SXSW fundraiser, where the night will be dedicated to help save the victims of the Japan earthquake & tsunami.
More info on the Japanese Mobile leaders forum, where the announcement will be made: http://schedule.sxsw.com/events/event_IAP8378 All funds raised at the SXSW Save Japan Fundraising night will be contributing to the American Red Cross relief efforts in Japan.
Just because you’ve checked in doesn’t mean you’re free to hangout! Launched by Australian startup MeeBee, a Techcrunch top 100 global startup & Red Herring Europe Winner, Who’s Free is the best, fastest way to meet up. Ready for SXSW attendees scattered amidst Austin, Who’s Free is bringing them together by bridging the gaps between online and physical, social worlds. No other app lets you know when your friends are free to hangout!
JD is founder and CEO (Creative Entrepreneurial Officer) of the NEW mobile app Who’s Free. An Aussie & Samurai at heart after 20+ years as a Japanese TV celebrity, he is a serial entrepreneur and Internet visionary having created numerous world firsts for the Internet and mobile market. JD is also author of 2 books, and has been an Internet pioneer since the mid 90′s. He’s climbed Mt. Fuji backwards in a Guinness World Record attempt. Always at the epicentre of where the Web meets Mobile & TV.
More: www.jd-profile.comRemember, before you go anywhere, see Who’s Free for …? WhosFreeApp.com

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