“Moé Can Change!” And “Simulated Boyfriend” Released For Pixiv Mobile

Ambition [J] has released the social games “Moé Can Change!” [J] and “Gijin Kareshi” [J] (simulated boyfriend) on “pixiv Mobile,” [J] a mobile site run by Pixiv. [J] “pixiv Mobile” is the mobile phone version of the illustrated SNS “pixiv.”  They set up “pixiv Game” from November of 2011 and began offering social games.  “Gijin […]

Social Illustration Service Pixiv Hits 4 Million Members

Pixiv, the most popular of Japan’s many social drawing services, announced [ENG] it hit an amazing four million registered users last Saturday (January 28). It took the site, which launched on September 10 in 2007, exactly 1,602 days to reach that milestone. That’s about 2,500 users per day – not bad at all, especially for […]

Social Illustration Service Pixiv Hits 3 Million Members

Japan has quite a few “social drawing services” that let users upload self-drawn images and connect with each other. But Pixiv is the biggest of them all. The eponymous company behind the service has announced that Pixiv hit 3 million members on March 29. The number of users doubled since January last year, when we […]

Social illustration network Pixiv now has 1.5 million members, racks up 1 billion PVs monthly

Japanese “social illustration site” Pixiv continues to amaze. The site, which lets users present self-made drawings to other users and offers a number of basic social networking functionalities, now counts a whopping 1.5 million members [JP]. Not bad for a completely domestic site that’s only available in Japanese (although  some foreigners exhibit their works on […]

“Social illustration” network Pixiv now has 1 million members

Pixiv [JP], a Japanese-only “social illustration” network (Asiajin articles), today welcomed its one millionth member. The site boasts a healthy growth rate, as the user base stood at 100,000 in March 2008. Pixiv claims the site sees 720 million page views monthly and that users submit 15,000 illustrations daily. It’s not hard to believe. Look […]