Dating Simulation Game With Personified Animals As Boyfriends Now As Comic

Ambition Inc. [J] has released “Gijin Kareshi Comic Anthology” (Simulated Boyfriend …) based on their social game Gijin Kareshi. [J]
“Gijin Kareshi” is a nurturing anthropomorphic romance social game for girls currently offered for Mobage, entagl, pixiv, and mixi.  As well as having made collaborations with various corporations, from March of this year they have started up [J] “Kemomimi☆Radio ~Gijin Kareshi~” and developed media mixes.
“Gijin Kareshi Comic Anthology” is a collection of many authors’ comic-ization of “Gijin Kareshi,” and also included are bonus virtual items which you can choose as you like from the three types of items in the game: “Animal Fire,” “Mauve Pink Moment,” and “Over Dive Reach.”
App Navi 2012 March Edition (Magazine)
by G-Tools
Translation authorized by VSMedia.

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