“Moé Can Change!” And “Simulated Boyfriend” Released For Pixiv Mobile

Ambition [J] has released the social games “Moé Can Change!” [J] and “Gijin Kareshi” [J] (simulated boyfriend) on “pixiv Mobile,” [J] a mobile site run by Pixiv. [J]
“pixiv Mobile” is the mobile phone version of the illustrated SNS “pixiv.”  They set up “pixiv Game” from November of 2011 and began offering social games.  “Gijin Kareshi,” offered by Ambition in Japan, is a sim style nurturing romance social game for young ladies, and “Moé Can Change!” is a nurturing clothes changing social game where you can develop a young girl “MyRoid” android’s  appearance and clothing to your liking.  Both are now being developed for media such as original video anime and radio, and in particular “Moé Can Change!” is a popular title with over 1 million registered users.

Moé Can Change!  Kiyan Chie Strap

Translation authorized by VSMedia

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