Twitter Japan Begins Adboard in Central Tokyo

Twitter Japan(@TwitterJP) announced that it started signboard ads for passengers using Shimbashi station for one months.

This one says “Twitter knows the buzzed news.”

“When Twitter is telling you it is buzzed, it is surely buzzed on Twitter.”

Around Shimbashi station, special printing newspaper style paper ad with the title “News Now” are distributed to people.

Shimbashi station, around 2 kilometers south of Tokyo station, is the country’s first train station since 1872. Four train companies are connected and stopped by about 450,000 passengers. The station is thought as a typical “salaryman”(white collar worker men) place.

Japanese TV Viewership Measurer Video Research To Cooperate With Twitter Japan

Video Research, a company providing Japanese television audience rating, also belongs to the nation’s largest ad agency Dentsu group, announced that it is planning to offer a new television viewer rating based on number of tweets [J]. Twitter Japan will assist it by providing hashtag search streaming API.

As a first attempt, Video Research is going to measure two numbers, “tweets per minute, which are related to each program” and the average of its in past 4-weeks.

For better measurement, Video Research and Twitter Japan are to encourage users to tweet with official hashtags, both represent TV station and individual program.

In Japan, Video Research’s Shichouritsu (viewers rating) is used exclusively by national TV networks, and eventually by advertisers. TV stations are competing to gain a few, or even under 1 percent to sell more expensive ad spots, the rating often affect to terminate series of dramas. This time’s alliance may show that more advertisers (then TV stations) now care how their programs are talked on social media.

Twitter Japan And Mixi To Announce Something On 30th

ITMedia reported [J] today that Twitter Japan and Mixi, Japan’s largest social networking service as a Facebook-kind-of, will held a joint press conference next Wednesday, November 30 with Twitter Japan Country Manager James Masaakira Kondo (@jameskondo) and Mixi CEO Kenji Kasahara (Mixi profile [J]). It is not disclosed what will be announced there.

Mixi is running a Twitter clone Mixi Voice inside, but it is not so successful if you compare Twitter’s huge popularity in Japan. Although there are no clue yet, I guess it could be replacing Mixi Voice with Twitter and cooperate against their common imaginary enemy, a challenger Facebook. If it is so, Twitter may get more fruit but I am not sure what Mixi can get from it.

Twitter Launches Promoted Items In Japanese

Twitter Japan began the promoted items on Twitter with Japanese language setting from October 3, 2011 following to US and UK.

Digital Garage’s Japan original banner ad will stay as well, then Japan has again the most ads-decorated Twitter environment.

Twitter Appoints Japan’s Country Manager

On Japanese official blog, Twitter announced that they have had a country manager of Japan, first corporation manager outside of US.

The blog is usually written in Japanese, but this one was both in Japanese and in English.

A Welcome to Twitter Japan’s Country Manager

I couldn’t be happier to announce that James Kondo (@jameskondo) is our new and first country manager in Japan. In fact, he’s Twitter’s first international country manager.

Japan has been an important country for Twitter for several years. It is one of the first countries that really took to Twitter outside of the United States in creative and innovative ways. And, better yet, Twitter usage in Japan continues to quickly grow.

We like to think that Twitter has been important to Japan, too. Most recently, we’ve been humbled to have played a role in helping connect the country after the tsunami and earthquakes. On behalf of everyone at Twitter, I convey our deepest condolences to everyone in Japan, especially to victims and their families.

James is perfect for the job. For the Office of the Prime Minister, James has been a policy advisor and director of global communications strategy. He has also served as an international management consultant at McKinsey & Company and been a director at a leadership program at the University of Tokyo. Somehow he’s even had time to write and edit four books.

James will be building out a team in Japan. You can see current job openings here.

Congratulations. Twitter welcomes you, James.

Mostly they tell the same thing. The one which is not so clear for me is if Twitter Japan now exists as a corporation body.