Cnet Japan Overhauled. ex-Chief Editor Takes TechCrunch Japan’s Head

On May 31th, Cnet Japan [J], run by Asahi Interactive, a subsidiary of Asahi Shimbun [J], a Japanese online tech media licensed by US Cnet, has changed its design to an original US Cnet like black-banner from long lasted yellow based one. Also added twitter retweet assistant function.

Cnet Japan old design
cnet Japan old design

Ex-chief editor Moved to TechCrunch Japan

Ryuichi Nishida

On May 27th, at TechCrunch Japan Tokyo-camp [J], start-up events by TechCrunch Japan licensor Design It!, announced they welcomed Ryuichi Nishida, who once was a chief editor of Cnet Japan, as a chief editor of TechCrunch Japan [J].

Under Nishida, TechCrunch Japan is planning 1. TechCrunch50 like event in Japan in 2011. 2. expanding both media and events to other Asian countries. 3. incubation support for local start-ups, the release [J] says.

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Register for Open Web Asia ’08!

Open Web Asia ’08 is just two week ahead. Don’t forget to register and attend!

Now, our registration form is much improved. If you had any problem to register before, please try again with our new form by Amiando.

Open Web Asia is a rare occassion for Asian Web industry people to gather in one place.

Loic Le Meur, a CEO of Seesmic and a founder of LeWeb (the biggest Internet conference in Europe), and Jason Calacanis, a CEO of Mahalo and a co-host of TechCrunch50, are going to talk at OpenWebAsia. It’s a great opportunity to see Web industry’s giants in East Asia.

Our writers (arai, 8maki, and 2others) are going to attend too. See you at the conference!

Two Japanese startups launch at TechCrunch50

OpenTrace is a service that “Traces items through the supply chain and adds them together to show the impact of products on the environment” (from TechCrunch). OpenTrace is run by Rinen Inc, which is owned by Hirofumi Manganji and Hiroaki Shimachi.

Rinen has received a Japanese government grant called Exploratory Software Project which is given to independent software developers who creates an original product or technology.

GazoPa (Crunchbase), a site operated by Hitachi Ltd, is “an image search engine by Hitachi that uses features from an image to search for and identify similar images” (from CrunchBase). Hitachi (TYO: 6501, NYSEHIT) is a large multi-national IT company group headquatered in Japan.

I’ve met two Hitachi senior management guys at TechCrunch 40 last year. We (Akky and Arai) have decided to start Asiajin at TC40, and probably they’ve decided to launch their product at TC50.

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Applications from Japanese companies welcome for Techcrunch 50

Over 700 web and web-related companies from all over world handed in an application for last year’s Techcrunch 40 event, organized by the famous Tech blog of the same name.

This year, the competition is called Techcrunch 50 and it is again organized by Techcrunch USA. It will be conducted from September 8-10th in San Francisco. Following the absence of Japanese web companies in last year’s event, potential participants from this country are encouraged to take part this year.

My friend Umihiko Namekawa from Techcrunch Japan asked me to publish the announcement on Asiajin as well, on top of his article he wrote today in his blog. Asiajin thinks it is a great chance for entrepreneurs in Japan to challenge such a competition.

In the light of the tight time schedule, professional support will be provided by Techcrunch Japan for all companies interested in this initiative.

More information (in Japanese) can be found here on the official site.