Cnet Japan Overhauled. ex-Chief Editor Takes TechCrunch Japan’s Head

On May 31th, Cnet Japan [J], run by Asahi Interactive, a subsidiary of Asahi Shimbun [J], a Japanese online tech media licensed by US Cnet, has changed its design to an original US Cnet like black-banner from long lasted yellow based one. Also added twitter retweet assistant function.

Cnet Japan old design
cnet Japan old design

Ex-chief editor Moved to TechCrunch Japan

Ryuichi Nishida
On May 27th, at TechCrunch Japan Tokyo-camp [J], start-up events by TechCrunch Japan licensor Design It!, announced they welcomed Ryuichi Nishida, who once was a chief editor of Cnet Japan, as a chief editor of TechCrunch Japan [J].
Under Nishida, TechCrunch Japan is planning 1. TechCrunch50 like event in Japan in 2011. 2. expanding both media and events to other Asian countries. 3. incubation support for local start-ups, the release [J] says.

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