Otagei – Too Much Trained Audience’ Dance In Japan

They are not artists, just regular Japanese mostly girls idol fans who buy tickets, chant and dance from auditorium to try to let their icons recognize them. Their performance is called “Otagei” (オタ芸 = Otaku + Gei, act/art).

You may easily imagine that many other regular audience do not welcome their space-taking, sometimes annoying moves and noises, but this one seemed to make even people dislike them impressed.

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Otaku Social Matching Service “Otakuma” Reincarnated As “Ultema”

C. S. T. Entertainment [J] has announced that they will be closing their specialized Otaku (nerd) social matching service Otakuma [J] as of May 26th.

“Otakuma” is C.S.T. Entertainment’s first shot at developing a social matching service which began in 2009.  At first it bathed in the limelight as a matching service specialized for otaku and got quite a buzz in the media, but as the years passed, the SNS stream changed to a timeline system as many requests for such a structure and way of thinking began pouring in.  After that they began to initiate their branding as a reinvented system with multiple hobbies and preferences, and they developed ULTEMA, [J] a new social matching service targeted towards all hobbies and interests.  From now on, Otakuma’s service will be integrated with ULTEMA.

ULTEMA registers up to 72 “All Hobbies / Preferences,” and is a matching service that automatically calculates compatibility with other users.  The matching ratio can calulate up to an order of up 10 decimal points.  The official service is planned to begin from May 27th.

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Orenoyome – Pinterest for Otaku

Oreno Yome wo Jiman suru Saito (A website to boast my wife) is a new Japanese service where to post your favorite photos of “yome”, which literally means wife, but in Otaku context, “ore no yome” means anything but your real human being wife, on which female character assigned, and on which you put your heart and soul.

On the site, there are already a lot of “yome”s including dolls, posters, collection cards, comics, games, anime DVDs, cellphone straps, pillows, hole toys, etc., etc.

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Buying A 173,250 Yen Doll From Microsoft Comes With Dev Tools, Or Opposite?

Microsoft Japan has been featuring Cloud-girl Claudia to grab the heart of anime-loving geeks.

Their latest campaign offers the limited Claudia doll for everyone who purchases Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN, which price is 173,250 yen (US$2200).

The doll is planned to be 15-20 centimeters(6-8 inches) heights, with serial number.

The campaign will end on June 29th. It is only valid for purchase inside Japan.

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Cyber-Maid Augmented Reality

Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. announced a new entertainment software title using augmented reality technology named “Dennoh Figure ARis“(Cyber Figure Alice) which will be on sale this autumn (2008).

The package will come with two cyber-cubes and two cyber-sticks. You set up your webcam, and by putting the cyber-cube on your desk, a cyber-maid is displayed on top of the cube on your PC screen.

By maneuvering the cyber-stick around the cube, you can peep, touch, and make her clothes change virtually. The picture below only shows the concept. In reality, the cyber-maid can only be seen on the PC.

In my opinion, this product looks to be on the same track as the game Eye of Judgement, demo-ed and sold by Sony for Playstation3, in which players can see CG monsters appear over their real cards through a webcam, though Sony’s product is less creepy. 🙂

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[Update 2008-07-23] BB Watch reported ARis at Wireless Japan 2008 Conference with movies [J]