Cyber-Maid Augmented Reality

Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. announced a new entertainment software title using augmented reality technology named “Dennoh Figure ARis“(Cyber Figure Alice) which will be on sale this autumn (2008).

The package will come with two cyber-cubes and two cyber-sticks. You set up your webcam, and by putting the cyber-cube on your desk, a cyber-maid is displayed on top of the cube on your PC screen.

By maneuvering the cyber-stick around the cube, you can peep, touch, and make her clothes change virtually. The picture below only shows the concept. In reality, the cyber-maid can only be seen on the PC.

In my opinion, this product looks to be on the same track as the game Eye of Judgement, demo-ed and sold by Sony for Playstation3, in which players can see CG monsters appear over their real cards through a webcam, though Sony’s product is less creepy. 🙂

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[Update 2008-07-23] BB Watch reported ARis at Wireless Japan 2008 Conference with movies [J]

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