The Nikkei: KDDI To Start Offering The iPad Mini From November

The existence of a smaller version of the iPad hasn’t even been confirmed by Apple yet, but here is something fresh from the rumor mill in Japan: according to a report published in The Nikkei today, KDDI is currently “finalizing a deal” under which the company will start offering the “iPad Mini” from November.

So far, rival SoftBank has been the sole 3G service provider for the iPad in Japan. The country’s third largest carrier also monopolized the domestic iPhone market until Apple tied up with KDDI, too, in October last year.

One year later, it looks like history repeats itself, but this time with a tablet.

If the Nikkei report is to be believed, KDDI asked Apple to sell the current generation of the iPad in Japan earlier this year as well, but the deal fell through.

The paper is not ruling out the possibility that SoftBank will offer the iPad Mini along with KDDI.

As a reaction to the rumor, KDDI stock rose today at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while shares of SoftBank fell.

Mixi Releases iPad App And Windows Phone Versions

Japanese (orthodox) large social network Mixi is trying to expand their apps experience on more devices.

On September 21, Mixi released [J] an Windows Phone app. (Windows Phone 7.0 or above. 7.5 recommended)

image: Mixi Voice short messages on Windows Phone’s Panorama user interface

image: your friend’s posts page

The app can be downloaded on the official Windows Phone Marketplace, search by “Mixi”.

On October 5, they released [J] iPad application.

image: the top page of the app

image: a single post page

This iPad version is available on iTunes App Store

Mixi released iPhone app on July 30, 2008, Android app on Christmas Eve 2010.

Mobage Moves To Tablets – Now Compatible With Tablet Devices, iOS, And Android

DeNA [J] has begun development of Mobage for tablet devices.

From the middle of September, their currently running game engine “Mobage ngCore SDK” is compatible with tablet devices. Now it is possible for developers who have been creating games for feature phone and smart phone with “Mobage ngCore SED” to offer social games for all tablet, iOS, and Android devices.

Simultaneously, in order to grant easier access for tablet users, smartphone Mobage applications will be made available for Fujitsu’s Docomo device “ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D.” Also, Mobage will be pre-installed as “Game Hub” on Samsung Electronics’ Docomo device “GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D.” This is the first instance of a Mobage pre-install for a tablet.

Translation authorized by VSMedia

TeleBing – Microsoft Releases TV Guide App For iPhone/iPad

TeleBing, named after television and Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is an iOS application for Japanese TV watchers to show TV program schedules. Microsoft Japan released it “to promote Bing brand.”

The program guide works with Twitter and Facebook. From program detail page, you may share your comments to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Japanese TV programs data is costly so that there are not many web service APIs for it. For people who enjoy both the internet and TV screen the same time, who are said to be increasing, TV program guide is one of important features for major portals and search engines.

via Impress Watch [J]

Hello Kitty Twitter App For iOS

It’s official. Bandai Namco has just released Hello Kitty themed Twitter client under the license of Sanrio.

With basic Twitter client functionality, you may select two themes, “Kitty White” and “Kity and Love Teddy”.

The app also has puzzle game

It is available on iTunes app store with $2.99. English, French and Japanese menus are provided. You tweet on behalf of the no-mouth cat.

via Bandai Namco Games [J]