Bandai Namco Hijacks Ad Space At Akihabara Station

Bandai Namco Games Inc. [J] has announced that they are developing advertising of their social game for Mobage Idol Master Cinerella Girls [J] at the JR Akihabara station and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara station. This time they are posting advertisements from this title in many places at once, and they’re “Hijacking the advertising… Continue reading Bandai Namco Hijacks Ad Space At Akihabara Station

[TGS2011] BDNA Officially Presented

Today took place the official presentation of the new social games company BDNA, a joint venture between Bandai Namco (75%) and DeNA (25%). As they announced in the previous report, the capital of the company will be 100M yen (1.3M$), starting operations next October 1st. Shin Unozawa, COO & Vice President of Bandai Namco Holdings, will be… Continue reading [TGS2011] BDNA Officially Presented

Pacman Twitter Client Pac’n Twit

Pac’n Twit for iPhone/iPad is a new free Twitter client by Bandai Namco, yes, the company made Pacman 31 years ago (Namco merged with Bandai in 2005). Here is a screenshot of Twitter timeline, It comes with Pac man themed design, has regular Twitter client features, tweet, reply, direct message, retweet, list, search, notification, post… Continue reading Pacman Twitter Client Pac’n Twit