Mezamashi Kanojo – iPhone/Android Morning Alarm Motivates You By Girls Photo

Mezamashi Kanojo [J] (Morning Alarm Clock Girlfriend) by Biglobe is a smartphone(iPhone/iPad/Android) alarm clock application featuring Japanese girls.

The app has a simple alarm clock functionality. When it rings, a random photo of a girl hiding her face is shown. Until you tap, the girl’s photo will be shrinking.

If you wake up fast, you will be able to see the girl’s face in large photo.

Every morning, different girl wakes you up. Here is a movie which shows how it works,

Mezamashi Maid, maid costume version is also there
The Android deluxe version, 350 yen (US$4.3), has 50 girls chosen from vol.1 to 3.

If you set your Twitter account, alarm-setting and wake-up-ring will also tweet “good night” and “good morning” to your friends’ timeline. You see there are users who are doing this on Twitter Search.

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