Mobage Moves To Tablets – Now Compatible With Tablet Devices, iOS, And Android

DeNA [J] has begun development of Mobage for tablet devices.
From the middle of September, their currently running game engine “Mobage ngCore SDK” is compatible with tablet devices. Now it is possible for developers who have been creating games for feature phone and smart phone with “Mobage ngCore SED” to offer social games for all tablet, iOS, and Android devices.
Simultaneously, in order to grant easier access for tablet users, smartphone Mobage applications will be made available for Fujitsu’s Docomo device “ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D.” Also, Mobage will be pre-installed as “Game Hub” on Samsung Electronics’ Docomo device “GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D.” This is the first instance of a Mobage pre-install for a tablet.
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