Report: Docomo To Launch New Tablet In March

Japan’s No.1 mobile carrier, NTT Docomo, which saw No. 3 SoftBank winning the rights to distribute the iPad in Japan last year, is planning to launch a tablet on its own. Japan’s biggest business daily, The Nikkei, reported yesterday that Docomo commissioned LG Electronics to manufacture a device designed specifically for the Japanese market.
The yet to be named tablet will come with Android as the OS on board and will be offered through Docomo’s sales network by late March, if everything goes according to plan. Not too surprisingly, users will be able to go online via Docomo’s 3G network.
The Nikkei says the tablet will be sized between eight and nine inches. In other words, the new tablet will be smaller than the iPad (9.7 inches) and the Samsung Galaxy (7 inches), which in Japan is offered by Docomo.
Pricing, specs and other details are unknown at this point.

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