Six Japanese Social Game Platformer Announced To End Complete Gacha

A communication council of 6 major Japanese social gaming platforms – Gree, DeNA(Mobage), Cyber Agent, Mixi, NHN Japan and Dwango – just released that they would not release new games having Kompu Gacha any more. Kompu Gatcha in current games will be also terminated by the end of this month.

From this morning, Klab (major third party provider), DeNA, Cyber Agent and Gree respectively expressed their plan to stop or shrink Kompu Gacha features on their games.

Ameba Pigg Presents Live Concert By Ayumi Hamasaki

Ameba Pigg, [J] the 2D virtual space run by Cyber Agent, [J] will release a live transmitted broadcast of the popular artist Ayumi Hamasaki’s [J] concert performance “ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION” onto the market from October 19th at 6:30 P.M.  This is the first time that a virtual space will broadcast a famous artist’s live concert.

This latest initiative is the transmission of the entire contents of Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert from Saitama Super Arena on Ameba Pigg.  The transmission will take place in the area where various video contents can be enjoyed, “Pigg Dome.”  To view the live video you must pay the entrance fee to “Pigg Dome” area by purchasing a 2,000 AmeGold exclusive item, and a maximum of of 15,000 people will be able to enter.

Campaign page here: [J]


FIVE(Limited Edition) [J]


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Cyber Agent Establishes Overseas Smartphone Marketing Division

Cyber Agent has announced that it will establish an “Overseas Smartphone Marketing Division,” a specialized station for assistance in the undertaking of overseas marketing for smartphone, aimed particularly at America.

“Overseas Smartphone Marketing Division” is geared towards offering smartphone promotion of their Japanese business into the overseas market.

Cyber Agent’s operations include starting the overseas application “Free App King” which has recorded 2 million downloads from the AppStore, developing the smartphone media and service Smartphone Ad Network using Reward Network partner media, and is heading in the direction of implementing overseas smartphone promotion.

In addition to overseas business, smartphone promotion within Japan includes their group Smartphone Ad Network’s “AMoAd,” smartphone application “FreeAppNow,” and smartphone reward advertisement “CA Reward.”


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Gibli Animation Film “From Up On Poppy Hill” Area Opens On Ameba Pigg

Cyber Agent [J] has opened a special area for their 2D virtual space “Ameba Pigg,” [J] returning Studio Gibli’s latest film “Kokuriko-zaka Kara” (“コクリコ坂から”, From Up On Poppy Hill) to the world stage.  The limited term period is from September 16th until the 25th.

This “From Up On Poppy Hill” area is Ameba Pigg’s original design featuring the appearance of “Poppy Manor,” where the film’s main character “Umi” (Sea) lives.  It is possible to go up to the second floor bay windows in the Poppy Manor.
 Also the characters “Umi,” “Jun,” “Mizunuma” appear, and at certain times such as when “Umi” waves the “U.W. Flag” or the user does something, “Jun” appears, or “Croquettes” are prepared for distribution.  In this area, works and props in the theme of the movie such as “Konan High School Uniform,” “Jun’s Bandage,” or “Mizunuma’s Glasses” are sold as virtual items, and other virtual items “Croquettes” or “U.W. Flag” are distributed.

The Art of From Up On Poppy Hill (The Art) [J]

From Up On Poppy Hill (Romance Album) [J]

From Up On Poppy Hill visual guide ~Yokohama Love Story~ [J]

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CyberAgent America Releases Second Smartphone Game, “Coin Pusher Mafia”

Cyber Agent’s American subsidiary company CyberAgent America, Inc. has released the game application “Coin Pusher Mafia” for iPhone.  Download is free.
“Coin Pusher Mafia” is Cyber Agent’s second released smartphone game application title.  It’s a combination between a mafia game and a slot machine game, and along with the previously released “Zombie Restaurant,” [J] it works together with the game community “GAMEWAVE.”
Download Coin Pusher Mafia here:

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