Gibli Animation Film “From Up On Poppy Hill” Area Opens On Ameba Pigg

Cyber Agent [J] has opened a special area for their 2D virtual space “Ameba Pigg,” [J] returning Studio Gibli’s latest film “Kokuriko-zaka Kara” (“コクリコ坂から”, From Up On Poppy Hill) to the world stage.  The limited term period is from September 16th until the 25th.
This “From Up On Poppy Hill” area is Ameba Pigg’s original design featuring the appearance of “Poppy Manor,” where the film’s main character “Umi” (Sea) lives.  It is possible to go up to the second floor bay windows in the Poppy Manor.
 Also the characters “Umi,” “Jun,” “Mizunuma” appear, and at certain times such as when “Umi” waves the “U.W. Flag” or the user does something, “Jun” appears, or “Croquettes” are prepared for distribution.  In this area, works and props in the theme of the movie such as “Konan High School Uniform,” “Jun’s Bandage,” or “Mizunuma’s Glasses” are sold as virtual items, and other virtual items “Croquettes” or “U.W. Flag” are distributed.
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