Cyber Agent America Launches Facebook App Of Metaverse

On Tuesday, Tokyo-based Cyber Agent‘s subsidiary in Silicon Valley, Cyber Agent America launched a metaverse called Comic World as a Facebook app basically targeting international users.   In the app, you can dress up your own avatar with clothing you’ve purchased with a virtual money called ComicCash.   The user account for Comic World is compatible with that for Ninja Trick which is a war game and has been introduced last May on Facebook as well.   The company expects one million users will join Comic World by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, last month the company launched Ameba Pico(see this Asiajin story for more) on Facebook, the Americanized version of Japanese popular virtual avatar service called Ameba Pigg[J], more than 500,000 users have joined the service in a month.   Recently they started running a TV commercial[J] campaign in Japan for promoting Ameba Pigg.   As for Ameba Pigg, more than 8.5 million users have joined the service as of April 11th.
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