A Blogger Taking The Same Vendor Machine Photo For More Than 5 Years

A Japanese blog “Watashi ha Mainichi (no you ni) Jidou Hanbaiki no Shashin wo Totte imasu. Gomen-nasai” [J], which means “I am taking a photo of the vendor machine (almost) every day. Sorry”, is a blog dedicated for the same coca cola vending machine in Sapporo, Hokkaido with over 5 years’ successful story.

The blog started on August 5th, 2005. The blogger Ryuichi Ikeda has been taking a coca cola vending machine about 20 days every month, which seems his working day. Now the number of photos (and the blog posts) are about 1,300, in over 5 years.

On recent entries, you see the photos of the same date in past years. He records all canned and bottled beverages name, quantity and price after photo.

Most of the posts are titled “Henka Nashi”(nothing changed). When any changes happen, he writes how the placement and the sold drink are modified on the day.

Sometimes the blog readers will mail him on unrecorded changes he had overlooked. He also records which cans are changed from hot to cold, cold to hot as seasons change.

The biggest change on this unchanged blog was on 2009-08-07 to 2009-08-08. The original machine,

was replaced with the new one,

According to Ikeda, The new machine supports Edy, one of the most popular e-money available on IC card and cellphone.

On the profile, he states that his least favorite byword is “Endurance makes you stronger”. The favorite vendor machine is “if I have it, I must be a freak”.

He began this blog because “I dislike troublesome tasks and wanted to find easy contents you can update within 5 minutes. I feel angry when there are changes on the vendor machine as it makes me write more”. He also confessed on the 3rd anniversary of the blog that he got this idea on the first death anniversary of his younger sister, who loved foolish and nonsense things.

For the case you want to see higher resolution photos of them, he uploads them on Flickr, too.

There is a fan-made tetris-like game featuring the vendor machine photos from the blog,

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9 iPhones Make Family Matrix Video In Tokyo Park

Tokyo based video bloggers gathered at Yoyogi Park, one of the largest parks in Tokyo, with their iPhone 3GS and made a family movie with bullet time effect as seen on the movie Matrix.

9 iPhone users: AqbiRec, Yoshiki Kondoh, Yukina, Jet Daisuke, Ken3tv, Hapii, Asakawazu, Shingo Soejima and Motomocomo
Assistant: Koji Sasagawa, Azusa and her son

Making scene,

It is said that their was the third time session for them on thier new Ning page [J]. There is a preceding work by 7 iPhones at the famous Shibuya scramble crossing uploaded, too.

They are calling for 30 iPhone users for the next session to create smoother effect rounding 360 degree.

via Motomocomo Nakiwarai blog [J]

[Update 2010-06-07] The organizer Tanaka Koji/AqbiRec tweeted that they would have a next session, hoping 30 iPhones, at 11:00 a.m. Sunday 13th June. Bring your iPhone 3GS and gather at Yoyogi Park Harajyuku Gate.

Japanese Blog Queen Migrates Again, This Time CyberAgent

Shoko Nakagawa, aka Shokotan, announced [J] her blog moving to Ameblo [J], CyberAgent blog hosting who boasts over 1,400 celebrity bloggers.


Shokotan’s blog originally began in 2003 at Yaplog, a free blog hosting service popular to girls by cute design selections, when she was just one of them.


After getting popularity by her aggressive frequent posts with photo around 30-50 per days and called “a new blog queen” after Kaori Manabe and blog-retired Chinatsu Wakatsuki, in February 2008, she (by rumour was ordered by agency and reluctantly) moved to another free hosting, Excite Blog with her 10 billion page views. On Excite Blog, paid premium service were introduced. Excite PR denied financial transaction with the talent agency for the move.

This time, according to her staff’s explanation [J], this movement to Ameblo is mainly by Excite stopping its fan-club service which Shokotan had been using, and they are seeking to utilize Ameblo and CyberAgent’s community services such like Pigu.

Web Chat Service Lingr Shutting Down


A web based chat service Lingr announced its closing down at the end of May 2009.

We’re sad to announce that Lingr will be shutting down on May 31, 2009.

It’s been great pleasure that so many wonderful people have joined and gotten to know each other here at Lingr. We want to give our wholehearted thanks to everyone who gave us compliments, suggestions, and criticism- Lingr couldn’t have existed without your feedback.

Lingr Blog: Announcing Goodbye from Lingr

Lingr was developed and run by Infoteria USA, San Mateo based American company, which is a subsidiary of Inforteria Corporation, Tokyo Japan.

Making a real time web chat system over web/http protocol is not as easy as you might expect, especially if you want it to be scaled out. Lingr used latest technologies and software such like COMET, Ruby on Rails, Jetty, etc. for it.

Infoteria, a young enterprise software company specialized in XML based data handling system, is on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers [Code 3853] since 2007. Infoteria USA is planned to be closed around June.

Kentaro Ejima, who is well known by his successful career as a star engineer of Inforteria, describing himself as a Philosopher, is also a very influential blogger , has been leading the project by moving himself from Tokyo to USA. He has been writing about this challenge on his blog and many Japanese web entrepreneurs and engineers hoped his success in US/English market will be the best practice for Japanese web startup and person going oversea.

On his popular blog [J], Ejima looks back his 4 year struggling in US company, with retrospective assessment including that HR cost was almost doubled in compare with Japan.

Luckily for he himself, he has just got a green card recently, and he tells he stays in USA to do another project, which maybe around iPhone. I wish his every success in his new challenge.

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Kentaro Ejima(江島健太郎) search on Google [J]

Bounen Kaigi 2008 report

Bounen Kaigi, annual year-end conference considering the record of the year, was held at Yahoo! Japan office again this year. This conference was sponsored by Yahoo! Japan and the event hosts were Gen Taguchi (blog: 100shiki[J]) and Daiya Hashimoto (blog: Jyoho Kogaku Passion for The Future[J]).


This conference consisted of the followings.

  • Noticeable Net Services in 2008
  • Guest’s topics
  • Yahoo! Japan’s 2008 trends by analyzing keywords
  • Hosts’ topics
  • Zentai Kaigi (everyone’s discussion)

Noticeable Net Services in 2008

This ranking is 10 noticeable net services which Taguchi/Hashimoto picked up from the list collected by their readers.

  1. Dropbox
  2. Evernote
  3. SPYSEE – Vertical search engine of influencers
  4. TechTalk.jp – Hub site for technical presentors
  5. Language exchange SNS Lang-8 – Multi-lingual social network service for learning foreign lanugages
  6. Auto Vocoder Box – Online vocal correction service for bad singers
  7. GYOROL – Mobile & PC fishing game
  8. rigureto – Miserable story sharing site
  9. Shuden.jp – Last train time checking site in mobile
  10. Yaruo KenBunRoku – The record of 2ch character “Yaruo”‘s diverse challenges


These are not so popular in Japan now, but have a good chance to become big services. Top two services are  not from Japan, therefore this results will motivate Japanese start-ups to make more effort in 2009.

Guest’s topics

Guest was Keiya Mizuno. He is a writer of million-seller book “Yume wo kanaeru zou” ( means an elephant living out dreams). This book is so popular that it was made to TV drama and came to be the most  sold Japanese books in 2008, more than 1.7 million copies, Hashimoto said.



Yahoo! Japan’s 2008 trends by analyzing keywords

They explained about the trends on the internet in 2008, for example, comparision between mobile and pc user of mixi or analyzing the age brackets of  newly emerging community sites, pixiv, pu-pe girl and so on.

Hosts’ topics

The hosts, Taguchi/Hashimoto, made presentations about their 2008 and new plans for 2009.

» Taguchi’s Report of Bounen Kaigi 2008 // ideaxidea.com[J]

Zentai Kaigi(everyone’s discussion)

This may be most important session, the last was Zentai Kaigi. All participants were grouped up by 6 people and discussed.

Theme was “Thinking up the new big net service in 2009”. They must fill up the following paper.

Using (_______) problem from recession in 2009 as an underhanded way, you work out a new service (_______) for (______) people. This service has a great feature that (_______), so it has very high-level repeat rate. The name of this service is “(________)”.
In addition, the government admires this service and names the year from 2009 to 2015 after it, “(________) economy”.

The winner team’s idea is that NEET check the other house through some monitors in their houses. NEET are people who have no job including part-time and will increase in number because of the recession.


This conference will be also held in 2009. If you spend your year-end vacation in Japan, why don’t you join?