Japanese TV star is the world’s most popular blogger by Guinnes Records

Cyber Agent, free blogging service Ameba(Ameblo) provider, announced that their holding celebrity blogger Yusuke KAMIJI‘s weblog is certified by Guinness World Records as the “MOST UNIQUE USERS ON A PERSONAL BLOG IN 24 HOURS” who is read by the 230,755 unique visitors in one day.
The daily page views is 5-6 million, the highest 13,171,039 PV on April 12th. Also got 56,061 comments on April 17th.
As we explained in this article, blog popularity in Japan is a bit different from other countries. Many TV stars are writing their blog as their promotion, supported by agency and blog service providers, and those blogs are mainstream. They uses their influences on TV to take people to the internet/blog, to sell their name, and (maybe) sell their recommended products/services.
The statistics numbers are explained to be taken on their server-side application analog. So it cannot be a serious stats I think, but may be useful when selling ads on the blogs, so is guinnes records.


  1. He must have no time for sleep 🙂
    There are also another rumor that many of comments are generated by program, and/or hired networkers.

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