Nyotaigoyomi: Page-a-day Calendar Girls App

Nyotai-Goyomi (=girl’s body calendar. The word nyotai is the same one in notorious nyotai mori) is a set of girls’ photos who has date drawn somewhere on her skin.

The date drawn on girls seem to be in various formats including Japanese digits. If you don’t understand Japanese date notations, these apps may be not so useful. Well, your smartphone can easily show current date for free so people who purchase this may not care the information itself.

Bijin Dokei(Tokei) achieved huge success in Japan with “Time” and girls so this one may be welcomed, too.

Every month, new Nyotai Goyomi application are published on iPhone and Android under different themes.

Photos of some date are on the developer’s blog [J].

via GirlsNews [J]

Bijin Tenki: Girls Keep You Updated With Weather Forecast On The iPhone

Bijin Tokei, a company known for having developed a hot girl clock gadget, has recently developed the weather girl iPhone app called Bijin Tenki[J] in partnership with mobile app provider Dwango.

On the app, cute girls (no idea on how many girls are involved) will keep you updated with weather forecast for the next seven days, for your current location by utilizing the iPhone’s GPS function or pre-configured settings on the app.    You can check the profile of anyone you are interested in, such as name, date of birth and blood type.   You are also allowed to tweet a link to a weather girl you like.

Noteworthily, it has some patterns of error images in which the girls show us messages, which will be appeared on screen when a technical fault occurs.

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Bijin Kabuka: Girls Presenting Quotes Make You Hot Even When Markets Are Cold

Bijin Tokei, which is known for having developed a hot girl clock gadget, has developed a new gadget in association with SBI Holdings, a conglomerate of online financial services.  It is called Bijin Kabuka[J] and cute girls show you the realtime quotes every minute.   It aims to entertain market board watchers, they say, and allows you to check up the figures of Nikkei Index, TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Exchange), SSE Composite Index (Shanghai Stock Exchange) and Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) with a number of cute smiles regardless of market conditions.

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January 2010 Japan-IT Links (part 1)

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Bijin-Tokei Gots Inevitable Follower – Adult Version

We covered the first Bijin-Tokei (Beautiful Girls Clock, if you are to take Japanese language exam, “Bijin-Dokei”), every single of 1440 minutes has a different photo with a beautiful girl hanging the time on a blackboard, on their launch. It got huge attentions and has been producing a lot of variants, both by themselves (Binan Tokei – beautiful “boys” clock, Gal Tokei, Pit Babe version, Korean version and planned French version ) and other (Korean).

AV-Tokei [NSFW], looks very similar design with the original Bijin-Tokei, features slightly different girls, ahem, pornstars. “AV” is an abbreviation of “Adaruto Bideo(Adult Video)”.


The company info is different from the original Bijin-Tokei provider.