Mi-in sigye: Korean compny offers Korean Hot-girl clock gadget similar with Bijin-tokei

Korea based company Megacoms[KR] offers clock gadget “Mi-in sigye” at Talkon.  Mi-in means “beautiful girl” in Korean.



It shows ramdom street-casted 3 hundred Korean girls holding up sign which wrote current time.
Its concept, feature and functionality are almost identical with Bijin-Tokei [J], which we covered the gadget and the iPhone App before. There are no mention about Japanese one so it does not look licensed or affiliated.
In addition to Japan’s Bijin-Tokei, Mi-in sigye shows you the girls’ profile.

Some pictures show girl's blog address or cellphone number
Some pictures show girl's blog address or cellphone number

You see the picture above shows her phone number. Some pictures have not only the girls’ blog addresses but also their phone numbers. In Korea, many people put their self-taking pictures on blogs and other internet services, which is different from Japan, where anonymity is cared more.
To see all girls’ photos and profiles, registration to the site is required.
Megacoms is going to offer Mi-in sigye in appstore. and also planning to offer “hot guys” version of the clock gadget. 
via Talkon

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