The 7th and Final Bonen Kaigi

Daiya Hashimoto and 100shiki’s Gen Taguchi’s annual year end event Bounen Kaigi (Year-forgetting party+meeting) was held at Yahoo! Japan’s headoffice, Roppongi Midtown, Tokyo.
This 7th anniversary, however, had been declared the last one.

2009 Ranking

As always, the two hosts made their (personal) year ranking what impressed them in 2009.

  1. MovaTwitter (Asiajin): unofficial Twitter site for Japanese cellular phone
  2. Lang-8 (Asiajin): Social language revision network service
  3. Joker Blog: a blog by Joker Racer (Asiajin)‘s RC manager
  4. Revilist: ISBN to Amazon review viewer site mainly for mobile
  5. Homerare Salon (Asiajin): a site to encourage you by using your name
  6. Bijin Tokei (Asiajin): an iPhone watch app to show current
  7. AppBank: a Japanese blog dedicated for iPhone application reviews
  8. TV-jin: social TV programs recommendation service by 2 channel data
  9. Nanapi: social tips sharing service
  10. Twitter (Asiajin): microblog service gaining presense in Japanese web

Yahoo! Japan’s search keywords session

The event sponsor Yahoo! Japan, as always, showed some interesting stats around their massive search queries. Some interesting topics for our readers,

  • YouTube’s growth is much bigger than NicoNico Douga’s
  • Mixi got a lot more search after Mixi Appli platform release
  • New communication sites grows including Pixiv, Facebook, Ameba Pigg and Nicotto Town

Special guests session

Best selling business books author Kazuyo Katsuma, and her friend, 90’s songwriter Kohmi Hirose, both are the most popular celebrities on Japanese Twitter, appeared and got open interview by Hashimoto and Taguchi.
Taguchi, who introduced Twitter earliest to Japanese tech-savvy people when there was SXSW 2006, asked Katsuma how much Twitter is promising in Japanese web. Her answer was it would fail in a year unless Twitter Japan gets 10 times bigger mas. She said TJ has to lower hurdles for newcomers by, for example,
1. to attract people interested in entertainment (concert, etc)
2. to bridge politicians and people gap
The hashtag of the event is “#bk2009″.

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