3D Printing Service iJet Announces 3rd-Party Allocation Of Shares

iJet, Inc. [J] announced on February 28th that they are allocating third party shares.

iJet is a business offering services such as 3D print output, 3DCG data creation, 3D scanning, and small lot vacuum casting.  They are also known for producing output of “OMOTE 3D SHASHIN KAN” [J], a shop where you can make your own figures by 3D printing.  At this time, due to the increase of capital, their capital stock is 28 million yen, with a reserve capital of 25 million yen.  Due to this increase of capital, they will be strengthening their management base, and continue to strive for improved customer service and business expansion.

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KDDI And Gijutsu Hyouronsha Hold AR Development Contest

Gijutsu Hyouronsha Inc. [J] and KDDI Inc. [J] are hosting the Dai Nikai Sacchi Ningen Contest [J] (Second Time Sense Human Contest), a contest for AR (Augmented Reality) applications developed using KDDI’s AR application development environment “SATCH SDK”.

“Dai Nikai Sacchi Ningen Contest” is an app contest targeted for engineers and creators.  The first screening is not for completed apps, but will judge the contents based on ideas using SATCH SDK.  Applicants who pass that will submit and present the completed apps at the final screening stage to be held in May.  Furthermore, ideas from among applicant works after passing the final screening will belong to KDDI.  1 million yen will be awarded to the grand prize winner (one work).  The judging chairman is Kawada Tomu of AR Sankyoudai (A Japanese AR developer).

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Experimental Test Of AR Navigation System At Omiya Station

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. [J] has begun a navigation system that offers various information such as facilities, route guides, or events, to visitors at public spaces such as train stations or museums, using printed material such as pamphlets.  Using this system, they underwent experimental testing at the JR Omiya station premises from October 1st through the 14th.

This system uses AR (augmented reality) technology by reading markers or icons printed on pamphlets or other materials with a camera, and then displaying related digital contents.  By just opening and placing a pamphlet from within the facility on a special table shaped installation, you can receive new information not printed there, or various information such as guide routes to destinations within the facility from your current location

AR technology research has been proceeding since 2007 at Dai Nippon Printing, and they are developing promotion techniques or systems using AR.  This time, in cooperation with JR East Japan Research and Development Center Frontier Service Lab, the attention is going towards pamphlets distributed in public places at stations, and they developed a system which offers various information working together with their published contents.  In this experimental test run, two special installations are set up in the JP Omiya Station premises, and they are offering information on events during the time period and facility guides to users.  The place is at the station business center “Ekyuuto Omiya” Komorebi plaza at the JR Omiya station central ticket gate (South), and “Ekyuuto Omiya” is offering information on stamp libraries or events as well as shopping guides published in “Train Festa” pamphlets distributed in the station.

At the moment Dai Nippon Printing is aiming to implement experimental test runs of the same system’s functions, user friendliness, and overall usefulness, at public or business institutions and museums.

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Human Form Input Device “QUMARION” Selected For “Innovative Technologies”

Celsys Inc. [J] has announced that “QUMARION,” a human form input device developed cooperatively by Vivian Inc. and Soft Ether Inc., [J] has been selected for “Innovative Technologies” hosted by the Japanese ministry of finance.

“QUMARION” is a human form input device developed for operating 3D characters.  It allows one to capture the figure’s pose at specific moments from sensors in its joints, and it can create 3DCG animation and still images through intuitive operation.  “Innovative Technologies” is a part of the Ministry of Finance’s technological innovation promotion project formed this year for the purpose of discovering and evaluating excellent technology contents.  QUMARION (QUMA Technology) was displayed at the “Digital Contents EXPO 2012” [J] held at Nihon Kagaku Mirai Kan (Japan Science Future Hall) from the 25th to the 27th of September.  Also Celsys has begun recruiting for the QUMARION Development Alliance Program. [J]  Technological support will be offered to partners for the purpose of QUMARION SDK inclusion, and moving forward, in addition to reflecting partners’ opinions and requests, development and software using QUMARION as well as QUMA technology will be more smoothly structured.

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3DCG Virtual Idol Display “Hako Ani” Debuts

SSS LLC [J] and Frontier Works Inc. [J] have set up a shopfront 3D display demo installation of “Hako Ani” [J] (Box Sister), that lets you enjoy three dimensional images of virtual idols at home.

This 3D image installation has been developed by ALBEDO Inc., and it has succeeded in reforming and miniaturizing large scale conventional type projector installations for business use and exhibitions.  By projecting images from a smartphone or tablet, It makes 3D images possible without using a projector, and this time SSS LLC and Frontier Works together have made “Pako Ani,” an installation for enjoying virtual idol concerts at home, into a commercial product.  Already this year at the Tokyo Anime Fair a trial version was opened to the public and for sales, and 3D images are being shown on YouTube and NicoNico Douga from among the volunteers.  The shopfront demo is going on at Animate Akihabara and Gamers Akihabara, and AHS Inc. is displaying a demo of their voice roid / vocaloid “Yuizuki Yukari.”  Both companies have opened “Hako Ani” compatible with iPad and equal size Android tablets for sale from August 1st, at a price of 36,750 yen (including tax).

VOICEROID+ Yuizuki Yukari
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