Human Form 3D Input Device QUMARION Ready For Pre-Users

Celsys [J] have begun to recruit the first pre-users of “QUMARION,” [J] a 3DCG data input device.
“QUMARION” is a human shaped device with joints developed from 2009 by the teamwork of  Softether, Celsys, and Pipian, a venture business company launched by The University of Electro-Communications. It can capture the doll’s poses at specific moments by the sensors in its joints, and you can create animation or still images using intuitive 3DCG operation.  Before its product launch, they’re going to carry out an “advance preview” to be able to test QUMARION one step ahead of its release.  Advance preview users will be delivered QUMARION itself along with its related software and actually be able to try out making a piece of work using QUMARION.  Also, pre-users who clear certain conditions will be given the complete QUMARION package as a reward.  From now information about advance preview users will be announced at some point on the official product site.
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