Human Form Input Device “QUMARION” Selected For “Innovative Technologies”

Celsys Inc. [J] has announced that “QUMARION,” a human form input device developed cooperatively by Vivian Inc. and Soft Ether Inc., [J] has been selected for “Innovative Technologies” hosted by the Japanese ministry of finance.
“QUMARION” is a human form input device developed for operating 3D characters.  It allows one to capture the figure’s pose at specific moments from sensors in its joints, and it can create 3DCG animation and still images through intuitive operation.  “Innovative Technologies” is a part of the Ministry of Finance’s technological innovation promotion project formed this year for the purpose of discovering and evaluating excellent technology contents.  QUMARION (QUMA Technology) was displayed at the “Digital Contents EXPO 2012” [J] held at Nihon Kagaku Mirai Kan (Japan Science Future Hall) from the 25th to the 27th of September.  Also Celsys has begun recruiting for the QUMARION Development Alliance Program. [J]  Technological support will be offered to partners for the purpose of QUMARION SDK inclusion, and moving forward, in addition to reflecting partners’ opinions and requests, development and software using QUMARION as well as QUMA technology will be more smoothly structured.
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