“Electronic Brain Glasses Summit” To Be Held August 4th

Fukui Prefecture Sabae City [J] and Sabae IT Propulsion Forum Executive Committee [J] are holding “Electronic Brain Glasses Summit” [J] at Fuikui Prefecture Sabae City Culture Center on August 4th.
Sabae city is a production area for glasses producing 95% of all glasses in Japan, and also recently they are focusing their attention on the development and application of IT technology as “IT Town Sabae,” with public wireless LAN maintenance, maintenance of internet broadcasting offices that use Ustream / YouTube, and application of the advancement of public welfare through IT.  The “Electronic Brain Glasses Summit” is about new ways of using electronic brain glasses in the near future, and inviting and talking together with starting guest Mitsugi Sanae, producer of the anime about new technology “Dennou Coil” (Electronic Brain Coil).  During the event they will be having public presentation of the “Electronic Brain Glasses Contest” which is recruiting from last month. [J]
Electronic Brain Coil Blu-ray Disc Box

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  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a clue what is “Electronic Brain Glasses” or “Electronic Brain Coil”.
    Can you please explain?

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