3DCG Virtual Idol Display “Hako Ani” Debuts

SSS LLC [J] and Frontier Works Inc. [J] have set up a shopfront 3D display demo installation of “Hako Ani” [J] (Box Sister), that lets you enjoy three dimensional images of virtual idols at home.
This 3D image installation has been developed by ALBEDO Inc., and it has succeeded in reforming and miniaturizing large scale conventional type projector installations for business use and exhibitions.  By projecting images from a smartphone or tablet, It makes 3D images possible without using a projector, and this time SSS LLC and Frontier Works together have made “Pako Ani,” an installation for enjoying virtual idol concerts at home, into a commercial product.  Already this year at the Tokyo Anime Fair a trial version was opened to the public and for sales, and 3D images are being shown on YouTube and NicoNico Douga from among the volunteers.  The shopfront demo is going on at Animate Akihabara and Gamers Akihabara, and AHS Inc. is displaying a demo of their voice roid / vocaloid “Yuizuki Yukari.”  Both companies have opened “Hako Ani” compatible with iPad and equal size Android tablets for sale from August 1st, at a price of 36,750 yen (including tax).

VOICEROID+ Yuizuki Yukari
by G-Tools
Translation authorized by VSMedia.

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