Experimental Test Of AR Navigation System At Omiya Station

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. [J] has begun a navigation system that offers various information such as facilities, route guides, or events, to visitors at public spaces such as train stations or museums, using printed material such as pamphlets.  Using this system, they underwent experimental testing at the JR Omiya station premises from October 1st through the 14th.
This system uses AR (augmented reality) technology by reading markers or icons printed on pamphlets or other materials with a camera, and then displaying related digital contents.  By just opening and placing a pamphlet from within the facility on a special table shaped installation, you can receive new information not printed there, or various information such as guide routes to destinations within the facility from your current location
AR technology research has been proceeding since 2007 at Dai Nippon Printing, and they are developing promotion techniques or systems using AR.  This time, in cooperation with JR East Japan Research and Development Center Frontier Service Lab, the attention is going towards pamphlets distributed in public places at stations, and they developed a system which offers various information working together with their published contents.  In this experimental test run, two special installations are set up in the JP Omiya Station premises, and they are offering information on events during the time period and facility guides to users.  The place is at the station business center “Ekyuuto Omiya” Komorebi plaza at the JR Omiya station central ticket gate (South), and “Ekyuuto Omiya” is offering information on stamp libraries or events as well as shopping guides published in “Train Festa” pamphlets distributed in the station.
At the moment Dai Nippon Printing is aiming to implement experimental test runs of the same system’s functions, user friendliness, and overall usefulness, at public or business institutions and museums.

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