First Augmented Reality App Contents For Vending Machines By Coca-Cola Japan And AR Sankyoudai

Coca-Cola Japan, Inc. [J] has announced the introduction from April of the world’s first AR (augmented reality) application for smartphone which works together with vending machines.  They’re developing these pioneer contents in partnership with AR Sankyoudai [J], and are also opening an introduction video on the member website Coca-Cola Park [J] in Japan.  The video test hearing page is here [J].

This AR app works together with the energy conserving “Peak Shift Vending Machine,” which Coca-Cola has begun to install this year, and can cut 95% of electrical consumption during the daytime.  When you hold the camera from a device running the app up to the “Polar Bear” design on a vending machine, the “Polar Bear” laughs and sneezes on the screen.  It also conveys the merit of the Peak Shift vending machine while making charming activity such as printing a sign reading “Completely Silent,” characteristic of the machine.  As a link between vending machines and AR apps, by making AR markers of product samples of Coca-Cola vending machines all over the country, they will continue to apply PR marketing techniques for each product brand.  As the first stage, they will offer contents which will playback a TV commercial message on the scren when you hold the device’s camera up to “Coca-Cola Zero.”

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Ameba Pigg Introduces Marketing Products For Drug Store Matsumoto Kiyoshi

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced the sales of corporate advertisement products “Ameba Pigg Area Tie-Up with Matsumoto Kiyoshi” which promotes guidance and purchases at real shops, in cooperation with Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Inc. [J], via their 2D virtual space Ameba Pigg [J].

“Ameba Pigg Area Tie-Up with Matsumoto Kiyoshi” is a service which distributes free original Pigg corporate items at a limited term basis at the newly established “Matsumoto Kiyoshi Digital Shop” in the Shibuya area within Ameba Pigg, and furthermore issues coupons that allow customers to get limited original Pigg items when they purchase targeted products at Matsumoto Kiyoshi shops in the same area.  The enterprise allows for sales promotion for over the counter goods at the about 700 Matsumoto Kiyoshi shops in all of Japan simultaneously with the over 14.2 million “Ameba Pigg” users, as it can lead users who simulated products in Ameba Pigg to real shops and promote product purchases.

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Japan`s First Social Media Focused Competition Kicks Off

KOBE, September 16, 2012. After successfully holding the 2011 Marketing Competition Japan (MCJ), in which 24 teams from 12 different universities participated, the MCJ committee officially launched MCJ 2012. The organizers of the event expect more than 150 teams from 30 different universities (mostly from Global COE institutions) to compete in MCJ 2012.The competition will also hold workshops to train college students on how to prepare a marketing plan in English.

This year’s theme is increasing human traffic to Kobe Harborland. The participants first have to understand why people travel to Kobe and then come up with effective advertising messages to attract more visitors to Kobe Harborland. To complete their business plan, the participants also need to create simple advertisements and explain how they will incorporate social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, mixi, Google+, etc. into their plans to promote the famous tourist location.

The competition consists of 3 rounds. First, students create a summary plan and submit it online. In the second round, the top 40 teams present their plans in regional preliminaries, which are held in two major universities on the same weekend. In the final round, the top 8 teams are invited to Kobe University of Foreign Studies to make a 12-minute presentation before local and international judges in a large auditorium. The best team wins the grand prize. One difference from the previous competition is that this year’s teams are asked to make a short commercial in English and upload it to YouTube (the most watched video will win a special prize).

Starting this year, MCJ will also accept international applications online. The case for the international students is a little bit different than the case for Japanese students, and international students do not have to travel to Japan to present their plans. All of the applications will be submitted online and evaluated by the organizing committee. International students will also focus on the people in their own country (e.g. if they live in Singapore they will target the people in Singapore, if they are from Thailand they will target the people in Thailand).The award for the best international plan is a $500 cash prize.
Marketing Competition Japan is a task-based learning activity that allows participants to improve their English skills, critical thinking skills, and presentation skills by providing an opportunity to work on a real life business case. All plans must include social media and should strategically utilize Twitter, YouTube, mixi, or Facebook etc. to be qualified. It is the first competition that combines English, business, and social media elements in order to raise globally competent leaders who are equipped with the knowledge of modern communication technologies and business skills.

MCJ is organized by the Marketing Competition Japan Committee at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies with support from several widely known corporations and organizations, including Nestle, P&G, NHK, mixi, Dentsu, The Japan Times, Cambridge University Press, and BBC World News.
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Softbank and Disney Make AR Mickey Mouse Fan

Walt Disney Japan [J] is to distribute “AR fans” of Mickey Mouse at some shops who handle Disney Mobile On Softbank, as part of a Disney Mobile On Softbank summer campaign.

This fan can show AR contents of Mickey Mouse.  A special AR marker is printed on the fan, and when you view through the Disney application Disney Mobile Magic Camera [J] for Android devices, 3DCG Mickey and Minnie are displayed over the fan.  It’s also possible to post pictures you took onto Facebook or Twitter straight from the app.  The special application will be offered fr a limited term until September 30th, and an iOS version will also soon be available.

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Brilliant type liquid crystal protective sheet “Crystal Shield Disney Mobile DM012SH”

by G-Tools

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Play Game On Spreadsheet! Japanese Coffee-Soda Promotion

Japan’s beverage vendor Suntory’s new promotion site [J] for its carbonated coffee drink Espressoda [J] is an action game on web browser, which you can play at office, as the game looks like your are working on spreadsheets.

Horizontal scrolling game with jump and obstacles, such like Super Mario, is built on financial tables and charts on Microsoft Excel-like pages.

After a teaser screen, Excel-like menu and grids are displayed. Clicking the bottom tab “Game” takes you to the game page.

Press “Start” then a small comic man appeared and the tables and charts are going to be scrolled. You need to let him jump by the left-mouse click.

When you take a bottle of Espressoda in the game, or enter the product code on the Espressoda’s bottle, your man will be able to do double-jumps, jump during a jump, which may make your play better.

When you fail, it asks you if you would like to tell your score to your Twitter or Facebook friends, then you can get a right to continue the game from the point you failed. Now Japanese Twitter have those players’ reporting tweets [J].

Of course, annoying character on the bottom-right on the screen is imitated.

via Hatena Bookmark [J]